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Dr. Rintaro: Episodes 3-5


Dr. Rintaro hasn’t exactly been subtle about the topic of loneliness, practically shouting from the rooftops, “You’re never really alone!” every episode, but with Rintaro and Yumeno becoming closer, it finally learns how to show not tell. Continue reading Dr. Rintaro: Episodes 3-5

Dr. Rintaro: Episodes 1-2


So recently, k-dramaland had a trend of mental illness dramas, none of which really resonated with me, so I was hesitant to try out Dr. Rintaro, a drama about a psychiatrist and his relationship with a geisha who may-or-may-not-but-probably-does-I-don’t-really-know have a mental illness. Plus, medical dramas aren’t really my thing; I’m pretty sure the only medical drama I’ve ever finished was Code Blue and that was when I was in my extreme Yamapi-fangirl phase, so yeah, definitely not my favorite genre. Dr. Rintaro is definitely sappy, but the mystery, romance, and yes, even the medical (though it’s sometimes questionable) is solidly intriguing.

So let’s set the stage, shall we?

Continue reading Dr. Rintaro: Episodes 1-2

Spring 2012 Jdramas-Idols Galore

It’s nothing new for idols to dominate the drama scene in Japan, but this season it just seems like there’s a truckload. Not that I’m complaining, I quite like my idols, but I’m kind of floored by how many are starring in dramas this season. I don’t have the time to check out every single drama this season, but I decided to do a quick impressions post of the ones that I have seen so far. Continue reading Spring 2012 Jdramas-Idols Galore