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2014: The year in j-dramas

2014 j-dramas 2

I wasn’t sure if I was going to manage a j-drama year-end review before February, especially since there were a few dramas I was still scrambling to finish, but I managed to do it (though just barely). While there weren’t any juggernauts like last year’s Amachan or Hanzawa Naoki and there were definitely a number of disappointments, I left 2014 feeling pretty optimistic about the j-drama scene. My list is rather long (how did I even watch this many dramas?), so let’s get down to it.

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Arashi is Bittersweet with new single

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I’ve been an Arashi fan since 2008 and I have to admit, I’m surprised at how popular they still are. At this point I wonder if there are people in Japan who don’t know who they are. I’d love them even if they weren’t popular, but it’s still amazing that they’ve managed to stay on top for so long. Sure they don’t have the top-selling single of the year anymore, but they still sell way better than other artists and their album and DVD sales just get bigger every year. 2014 is Arashi’s fifteenth anniversary (where has the time gone?) and considering how amazing their tenth anniversary was, I cannot wait to see what they do this year. Continue reading Arashi is Bittersweet with new single

Winter 2014: Chocolate, Terminal Illness, Orphans, Murder, and Aliens

Shitsuren_Title 523px-Bokunoitajikan Ashita_mama_ga_inai Lostdays 800px-Nazo_No_Tenkosei

I doubt I’ll be able to recap like I used to, at least for this season, so I tried to get in as many dramas as possible for my first impressions post. As you can tell from the title,  there’s a lot, and there might be a part two if I ever get the time, but I figured I might as well start with everything I wanted to watch and work my way down.
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