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Winter 2017:Strings, Marriage, and Gods


I just couldn’t keep up with 2016, before I knew it, it was already January (and now it’s February, c’mon time, slow down a bit). It’s definitely hard to get back into the blogging routine, but seeing as how the winter j-dramas are looking pretty good, maybe I’ll have better luck this year. Continue reading Winter 2017:Strings, Marriage, and Gods


Oyaji no Senaka: Episodes 1-2


I watched the second episode of Oyaji no Senaka a while back for the golden combo that is writer Sakamoto Yuji and Mitsushima Hikari before deciding that I might as well watch the whole series. There have been some great ensemble casts this year like MOZU and Wakamonotachi 2014, but the writing just isn’t up to par. Thankfully Oyaji no Senaka realized that a drama is only as good as its story and brought in solid screenwriters to back up its cast. TBS, you’re doing it right. Continue reading Oyaji no Senaka: Episodes 1-2