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Heartless City: Episodes 13-16


Whoa, the finale for Heartless City aired this week and I still haven’t watched last week’s episodes. I haven’t had any internet for a few days, so my drama-watching schedule has been a little bit off. I have a lot of catching up to do. Continue reading Heartless City: Episodes 13-16


Heartless City: Episodes 11-12


I’m itching to watch this week’s episodes, especially since it appears something big happens (or is about to happen), but I thought that I needed to get some thoughts out on last week first. Continue reading Heartless City: Episodes 11-12

Heartless City: Episodes 7-8

Really, no one knew that was Shi-hyun? Really?
Really, no one knew that was Shi-hyun? Really?

I am woefully behind on Heartless City because real life has been catching up with me and I wasn’t as enthralled with these episodes, so it took me a while to do a write-up. It felt like the show slowed down a lot as there was a lot of moving people into place and not a lot of stuff actually happening. Even Shi-hyun’s fight scene in episode seven felt like the writers were trying to remind us that Shi-hyun’s Batman a badass, which duh, I watched the first six episodes, I already know that,  instead of actually furthering the plot. On the other hand, these episodes did focus on fleshing out the characters and their relationships and I did appreciate that. Continue reading Heartless City: Episodes 7-8

Heartless City Episodes 1-6


I’ve been dropping k-dramas left and right since Flower Boy Next Door ended; everything’s either a sageuk or a melo and I’m just not in the mood for that right now. I was starting to think this was just going to be another meh year for k-dramas until Heartless City (or Cruel City, whatever it’s called) came out. Dark, gritty, and intense, this may be the drama I’ve been looking for.

Spoilers ahead! Continue reading Heartless City Episodes 1-6