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2014: The year in j-dramas

2014 j-dramas 2

I wasn’t sure if I was going to manage a j-drama year-end review before February, especially since there were a few dramas I was still scrambling to finish, but I managed to do it (though just barely). While there weren’t any juggernauts like last year’s Amachan or Hanzawa Naoki and there were definitely a number of disappointments, I left 2014 feeling pretty optimistic about the j-drama scene. My list is rather long (how did I even watch this many dramas?), so let’s get down to it.

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Winter 2014: Chocolate, Terminal Illness, Orphans, Murder, and Aliens

Shitsuren_Title 523px-Bokunoitajikan Ashita_mama_ga_inai Lostdays 800px-Nazo_No_Tenkosei

I doubt I’ll be able to recap like I used to, at least for this season, so I tried to get in as many dramas as possible for my first impressions post. As you can tell from the title, ┬áthere’s a lot, and there might be a part two if I ever get the time, but I figured I might as well start with everything I wanted to watch and work my way down.
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Spring 2012 Jdramas-Idols Galore

It’s nothing new for idols to dominate the drama scene in Japan, but this season it just seems like there’s a truckload. Not that I’m complaining, I quite like my idols, but I’m kind of floored by how many are starring in dramas this season. I don’t have the time to check out every single drama this season, but I decided to do a quick impressions post of the ones that I have seen so far. Continue reading Spring 2012 Jdramas-Idols Galore