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2013: The year in j-dramas

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2013 was a pretty big blogging year for me. It was the first year that I’ve followed through with all my recaps and posted something at least once a month. It was tough, but ultimately enjoyable and I hope that I’ll be even more active this year. With that being said, I couldn’t blog about everything I watched, so I figured a look back was in order to get a better scope of what I saw last year. Continue reading 2013: The year in j-dramas


Fall 2013-Swinging Singles, Androids, and Lovelorn Doctors

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 Summer’s gone and the days are getting colder, which means it’s time for the fall j-drama season. The only noteworthy drama last summer was Woman. Unfortuantely, Sakamoto Yuji decided not to write any dramas for fall, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something good will crop up, though there isn’t a lot to choose from at the moment. Continue reading Fall 2013-Swinging Singles, Androids, and Lovelorn Doctors