Kubota Masataka and Yamazaki Kento lead live-action Death Note


It’s been almost ten years since the hit manga Death Note was adapted into a two-part movie (and that weird spin-off movie that we don’t talk about), so naturally, NTV decided it was about time to adapt it again. Because obviously the anime, musicals, and merchandise wasn’t enough.

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Anime Spotlight #11: Aldnoah.ZERO

Aldnoah.ZERO1 Name: Aldnoah.ZERO

Year: 2014-2015

Studio: A-1 Pictures (Anohana, Shin Sekai Yori), TROYCA

Director: Ei Aoki (Fate/ZERO, Kara no Kyoukai)

I am not a big fan of the mecha genre. There have been some exceptions, but in general, politics plus giant fighting robots just isn’t that exciting for me. However, I was pretty addicted to last year’s Aldnoah.ZERO which dumbed down your normal mecha tropes and still managed to be entertaining. Was it actually good? Yeah, well, I’ll get to that.
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Spring 2015: Stalkers, Handymen, and Crazy Hearts

YokosoWagaya1 FubenBenriyaKokoroPokitto I’ve sort of been in a drama slump lately as I’ve mostly been watching anime, but I resolved to do a write-up for each season this year because somehow or another, I always manage to miss at least one every year. It’s inevitable that there will be a bad drama season and while spring 2015 is certainly not the worst season I’ve sat through, it is the most lackluster I’ve seen in a while. Continue reading Spring 2015: Stalkers, Handymen, and Crazy Hearts

Review: Mondai no Aru Restaurant


In spite of my less than stellar first impression of Mondai no Aru Restaurant, it was a show I found myself going back to every week, mostly out of curiosity, but eventually out of genuine excitement. From its food to its characters, Mondai no Aru Restaurant managed to worm its way into my heart over its ten episode run and while I think Sakamoto Yuji can (and has) done better dramas, that didn’t make this one any less enjoyable.

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Review: High School Drive

High School Drive

I didn’t know what I was going to get going into High School Drive, the 2012 mobile drama by BeeTV, but it turned out to be a lot more charming than I expected. Low-key and atmospheric, High School Drive takes a stab at portraying the ups and downs of youth by following the lives of Souta (Horii Arata) and Kana (Shimizu Kurumi).

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Winter 2015 Part 1: Gold Watches, Novelists, and Battle of the Sexes

800px-OUROBOROSGhost WriterMondai no aru restaurant

The winter j-drama season is usually pretty bare, but there was a surprising amount of dramas that piqued my interest this time around. I was pretty excited going into this season and though not everything is living up to my expectations, I think I’ll find something to watch.

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Anime Spotlight #10: Space Dandy

Space Dandy

Name: Space Dandy

Year: 2014

Episodes: 26

Studio: Bones (Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist)

I wouldn’t say there was a lot of hype around Space Dandy as much as there was curiosity. First off, Shinichiro Watanabe’s attached and every time this guy does something the anime fandom collectively loses its mind because we are always looking for a second Cowboy Bebop. It wasn’t too far fetched to compare Space Dandy to Cowboy Bebop. Dandy is a slick hero that has space adventures while looking for rare aliens with his crew, Spike was a slick hero that had space adventures with his crew while nabbing criminals, but other than that, the shows are two totally different animals. Besides, Watanabe was pretty hands off with this show, only working on a few episodes, presumably because he was busy with Zankyou no Terror.

Secondly, Space Dandy aired in the US first on Adult Swim’s Toonami block in English before airing in Japan. Simuldubs aren’t unheard of, but they rarely happen, even for shows everyone knows will do well, so naturally fans were wondering how good Space Dandy would be. I mean, it must be some pretty mind-blowing stuff to be dubbed already without knowing how the English-speaking audience will receive it right? Right?

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2014: The year in j-dramas

2014 j-dramas 2

I wasn’t sure if I was going to manage a j-drama year-end review before February, especially since there were a few dramas I was still scrambling to finish, but I managed to do it (though just barely). While there weren’t any juggernauts like last year’s Amachan or Hanzawa Naoki and there were definitely a number of disappointments, I left 2014 feeling pretty optimistic about the j-drama scene. My list is rather long (how did I even watch this many dramas?), so let’s get down to it.

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