Oyaji no Senaka: Episodes 1-2


I watched the second episode of Oyaji no Senaka a while back for the golden combo that is writer Sakamoto Yuji and Mitsushima Hikari before deciding that I might as well watch the whole series. There have been some great ensemble casts this year like MOZU and Wakamonotachi 2014, but the writing just isn’t up to par. Thankfully Oyaji no Senaka realized that a drama is only as good as its story and brought in solid screenwriters to back up its cast. TBS, you’re doing it right. Continue reading Oyaji no Senaka: Episodes 1-2

Itazura na Kiss 2~Love in Okinawa SP


The lovely Kotoko and Naoki have returned and even though it’s a short 43 minutes, I savored every moment of watching these two together again. Will our newlyweds have the sweet honeymoon they deserve or will there be more obstacles in their way? Well you know it’s never quiet around Kotoko…. Continue reading Itazura na Kiss 2~Love in Okinawa SP

Anime Spotlight#9: Madoka Magica the Movie 3: Rebellion


Name: Madoka Magica the Movie 3: Rebellion (Hangyaku no Monogatari)

Year: 2013

Studio: Shaft (Monogatari series, Nisekoi, Madoka Magica)

Director: Akiyuki Shinbo (Nisekoi, Monogatari series, Madoka Magica)

In my review of Madoka Magica, I mentioned that I was worried about the movie sequel. Gripping from beginning to end, Madoka Magica had a clear, well constructed narrative with an ending that tied up all of its loose ends in a satisfying manner. Creating not one, but three movies looked like nothing more than a cash grab to feed the rabid fans’ desire for more. Skimming through the initial reviews of the movie after it was released, there was no doubt in my mind that story wise, Rebellion had nothing to offer to Madoka Magica and I didn’t need to watch it. Well, curiosity is a hard thing to resist. Continue reading Anime Spotlight#9: Madoka Magica the Movie 3: Rebellion