Itazura na Kiss 2~Love in Okinawa kicks off with a special


Everyone mark your calendars.

So, after months of teasing with BTS pictures, Itazura na Kiss 2 has finally locked down an airdate. Just for a special though, not the entire season. Itazura na Kiss 2~Love in Okinawa will air a whopping 3-hour and 20 minute special on September 12th that follows Kotoko and Naoki on their honeymoon in Okinawa. Supporting cast includes Masuda Yuka (LIMIT) and Okabe Nao (Sennen no Yuraku, Karasu no Oyayubi) as the other newlywed couple that accompanies Kotoko and Naoki on their trip. The special will also get a DVD release on September 17th.

Yay? Since casting news has been trickling in about the second season for a while now, I know that we’ll see it eventually, but I feel a little deflated knowing that I’m not getting the whole thing in September (at least that’s what I’m gathering from the news report). I guess it will be late fall or next winter season before the second season gets going.

Ah well, we should enjoy what we get right? So watch the trailer and enjoy the new, cute theme song KISS KISS KISS by Cyntia.

This made me realize how much I miss Miki Honoka as Kotoko. I like Furukawa Yuki as much as the next girl, but Miki is just so adorable as the bubbly, slightly dense Kotoko. September, come faster!

This picture though. Naoki totally trying to hide his delight behind his IDGAF face, Kotoko happy as usual, and their family creeping behind them because they don’t know the meaning of personal space.

InK2-2 InK2-4

All picture credit: Oricon; Video credit: ドラマ「イタズラなKiss」公式チャンネル; Source: Anime News Network


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