Fangirling: Viva la vida Brazil!


NEWS-one for the win
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I’ve sort of been out of touch with NEWS, though I’ve been following their single and album releases, they’ve been too far and few between to make an impact. But, by chance, I watched some of my old 6-nin NEWS concerts and finally watched Utsucon for the first time a couple of months ago (I know, I’m so late) and my crazy NEWS fangirl side was completely reawakened, I was was foaming at the mouth for a new release, so ONE-for the win- couldn’t have come at a better time.

It’s been about a year and a half since NEWS’s last single WORLD QUEST/Pokopon Pekorya, but ONE managed to do pretty good in it’s first week. It nabbed number one for the week on Oricon, selling 182,772 copies.

You never get to see NEWS unless they’re promoting, so I’m glad to see them on so many music programs. The LIVE MONSTER one was my favorite, but I can’t find a good streaming video for that, so you get this one from SCP instead. There is some excessive Tegoshi gesturing, but you know, that’s Tegoshi, and Massu hugging a soccer ball because I don’t even know.

While I have questioned Massu’s fashion sense in the past, I really like the outfits he made for this single.

The theme song for NTV’s program “Brazil 2014” I was sure I would merely tolerate this song because WORLD QUEST was so not my thing, so I’m surprised that I like it. Lyrics aside, it’s a high energy, fun song with a tropical feel, perfect for getting people pumped for the World Cup, so I can’t hate on it.

The two new B-sides, Kimi ga ita natsu and FLYING BIRD were what I was really looking forward to. In particularly I’ve had Kimi ga ita natsu on repeat for a while, it’s quite a relaxing song.

Considering that NEWS is an idol group that has already passed the ten year mark and they have to balance activities with Tegomass, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the only new song they release this year, though I’m hoping JE will give fans something around the end of the year. In the mean time, I will bide my time by rewatching the 10ve concert for the 10,256,242nd time because Koi Matsuri never gets old.



2 thoughts on “Fangirling: Viva la vida Brazil!”

  1. OMG I used to be SOOOO into 6-NEWS, like they were my first full-fledged boy band love. Like mega scale, embarrassing gushing, forcing brothers to listen to me go on about them and buying merchandise goods for me while in Japan (hides face in embarrassment). I only really liked them because I was in love with RyoPi (sigh, those two) and even though I was mostly out of love with them by the time they announced their breakup – ouch. OUCH. That hurt a lot. Still bitter about it honestly aha, but I love the perseverance and determination of these four and I am so, so happy they’re still NEWS. Watched the vids you linked (thank you!) and omg, they totally brought back all my old school NEWS-obsessed lovin’ days…


    1. Hahaha, you were quite the hardcore fan weren’t you? It’s okay, I had a crazy crush on Yamapi when I first found NEWS and hoarded A LOT of pictures of him, so I understand your embarrassment. It’s been so long and I love NEWS as they are now, but I guess the demise of 6-nin NEWS will always be something of a sore spot. I was more than a little bitter when I watched a bunch of old videos a couple of months ago, but I’ve totally accepted it now. I do miss RyoPi though…


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