Live-action Lupin the Third releases first teaser

Lupin the III

I’m not too big on the Lupin franchise, but after seeing the stylish character visuals and the intense first trailer, I’m more than a little excited for this movie’s release.


Lupin the Third boasts quite an interesting cast: Oguri Shun stars as master thief Lupin, Kuroki Meisa plays femme fatale Fujiko Mine, Tamayama Tetsuji as Lupin’s right-hand man Daisuke Jigen, Gou Ayano as swordsman Goemon,  and Asano Tadanobu as Inspector Koichi Zenigata who’s always chasing Lupin around.

In addition, Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan (Meteor Garden) will be playing Michael Lee, a new character and Lupin’s rival, and Korean actor/idol Kim Joon (Boys Over Flowers) also has an unspecified role. So, the international F4 is just missing Nishikado’s character, right?

Of course, this movie lives or dies by Oguri Shun. I definitely had my doubts about Oguri playing Lupin, but he lost 18  pounds (eek!) for the role and he looks great (though there is a noticeable lack of Lupin’s trademark sideburns).

Lupin the Third hits theaters on August 30th.



One thought on “Live-action Lupin the Third releases first teaser”

  1. Maybe I’m just Shun biased haha, but I thought he was super captivating in the 30-second teaser! Not familiar with Lupin, but I am always up for a live-action version, these days they’re done pretty well. Thanks for bringing this to my attention 😀


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