Arashi is Bittersweet with new single

cover re

I’ve been an Arashi fan since 2008 and I have to admit, I’m surprised at how popular they still are. At this point I wonder if there are people in Japan who don’t know who they are. I’d love them even if they weren’t popular, but it’s still amazing that they’ve managed to stay on top for so long. Sure they don’t have the top-selling single of the year anymore, but they still sell way better than other artists and their album and DVD sales just get bigger every year. 2014 is Arashi’s fifteenth anniversary (where has the time gone?) and considering how amazing their tenth anniversary was, I cannot wait to see what they do this year.

Arashi released the single Bittersweet last week and as usual, they nabbed the top spot on the Oricon Weekly Chart, selling 511,696 units. That’s not too bad I guess, especially for a drama tie-in song. Bittersweet is definitely a song that took some getting used to. I really hated it the first time I listened to it and thought whoever wrote it should be fired, but after listening to it some more and watching the Music Station performance, I really like it. The lyrics are kind of depressing for such an upbeat song, though I guess it fits with Jun’s drama.

I know they were thinking brown=chocolate=Shitsuren Chocolatier, but man do I hate the colors in this PV. Everything’s super shiny too, so it looks unreal. Ah well, at least there was a theme going on.

The Music Station performance is the best one, but the only one on YouTube is less than adequate, so I put the one from Arashi ni Shiyagare. Definitely watch the Music Station one though, it’s adorable.

If Bittersweet still isn’t growing on you, don’t be sad. Nino and Ohno both have dramas lined up for the spring, so we’re guaranteed at least one new single by May. Hopefully by then we’ll have the LOVE tour DVD too. And a best-of-album. That’s not too much to ask, right?


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