SHINee nabs Artist of the Year at Melon Music Awards


I don’t generally pay attention to the year-end music awards because it usually leads to insane fan wars, but that doesn’t keep me from being happy when one of my favorite groups does win something, especially when it’s as big as Artist of the Year. The Melon Music Awards was held last Thursday and SHINee walked away with the biggest award of the night. I’m surprised that SHINee managed to win, especially considering how huge EXO’s fanbase is, but I really think SHINee deserved this award. They’ve been promoting non-stop in Korea and Japan since they released the first part of their Misconceptions album back in April, so I’m happy to see them be rewarded for all their hard work this year.

I’m pretty sure Shawols around the world were crying with SHINee when they won, myself included. I’m not surprised at all by Jonghyun’s outburst, but Taemin and Minho? That got to me. Also thank God the stylist decided not to put SHINee in that awful flowerprint pattern they wore to the Mnet 20s Choice Award.

SHINee and EXO’s performance at the Melon Music Awards

I’m sad that promotions for Everybody wrapped up last weekend, but they’re dropping a single in Japan on December fourth and with more year-end awards ceremonies coming up, it’s going to be a while before they can rest. Hopefully, they take a long break once the new year starts, they deserve it.

Credit to uploaders and Newsen


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