LIMIT: Episode 12 (Final)


Though the finale tries to build up a lot of tension and throws in a few surprises, ultimately LIMIT goes out with a whimper.

There’s no opening monologue today as we pick up where we left out. Hinata puts Kamiya down and says he’ll cross the bridge and get help. Mizuki tries to dissuade him, but he says it’s what he has to do. As if we didn’t know, the rescue team tells Igarashi that they can’t use the bridges to cross because they’re too rickety. As they watch Hinata, Kamiya begins thinking aloud.


“In the end they’re all gone. Even Usui and Ichinose…I never understood their feelings. The feeling of being puzzled by someone else’s words and the feeling of being frightened by something you can’t see. Maybe I’ve been looking down on people in some way.”


Kamiya’s condition worsens and Morishige decides to go with Hinata, saying it will be faster if two people go to get help. Hinata helps Morishige across the bridge, leaving Kamiya with Mizuki. Now that it’s just the two of them, Kamiya asks that Mizuki leave her here. She knows that Mizuki would feel blame herself if the person who defended her died and she couldn’t do anything about it. She tells Mizuki there’s nothing else she can do and begs her to leave. Mizuki is reluctant to leave, but Kamiya’s on the brink of tears, so she heads towards the bridge. She sees a large stick on the ground and uses it to break the planks on the bridge, shocking Kamiya.


With the bridge destroyed, Mizuki says now they’ll have to stay together. Kamiya asks Mizuki why she did it and she says that no matter what Kamiya thinks she cares about her and is going to stay with her. Kamiya calls her an idiot and Mizuki says Kamiya is too. That gets a laugh out of Kamiya and she supposes they’re both stupid. She tells Mizuki that this is the first time someone’s called her a fool and it makes Mizuki remember the last five days she’s spent with everyone.

Her flashback is cut short when she hears voices. She sees the rescue team and Igarasi and starts waving and shouting, catching their attention. Seeing Mizuki so frantic, Kamiya says she finally understands what friends are for.


We rewind a little and see that Igarashi and the rescue team had found Hinata and Morishige earlier. Igarashi had a tearful reunion with them and Morishige had told them about Mizuki and Kamiya across the bridge. Hinata didn’t go to the hospital because he had decided to talk first with the police.


Jump back to Morishige entering the hospital. As she had gotten on a stretcher, she asks one of the rescue workers if they’ve found her friends and he assures her that they’re fine. As Morishige looks up at the sudden appearance of the sun, Kamiya and Mizuki are seen doing the same as a helicopter is heard in the background.


And now it’s two days later. Oi, I understand that all these jumps are necessary, but this is too much. Mizuki has been sleep this whole time and her family is happy to see her awake. Dad can’t even look at Mizuki and breaks down crying. Mizuki tells him that she couldn’t see the meteor shower and he tells her that’s not important now. She wonders if she’ll ever find something that fascinates her like nothing else in her life, the way Dad loves the stars. Dad tears up as he thanks Mizuki for staying alive.

 Mizuki asks about her friends and Haruka says that it’s a miracle that five of them survived. Wait, five?


 It turns out Haru’s alive. She’s in bad shape, but alive. Mizuki goes to see her immediately and she tells her though she was stranded at the bottom of the cliff, unable to move, she was determined to survive.  and Haru tells her that she will go back to school with her.


Kamiya has a happy reunion with her siblings as well. The only person left alone is Morishige. It’s sad that even though she disappeared for five days, her parents didn’t even show up to see her. Igarashi asks if he should talk to them, but Morishige says it’s fine. “If I keep running away from it, I will probably keep running away from it for the rest of my life.” She decides to call her parents.


Hinata confesses his crimes to the police and they tell him he won’t be able to escape being charged. One of the officers asks why he didn’t explain what really happened to the others; he must have been close to Mizuki because they were in the swimming club so she would have understood. Hinata says that he couldn’t tell Mizuki because he loves her. This would probably have more impact if you hadn’t tried to kill her only a few days earlier.


We pick up with the girls at an aquarium three months later. The new term is starting and they’ve been moved to a different class. It’s sort of weird how dispassionately Haru says it’s strange that their whole class has disappeared like they all didn’t die in a horrific accident. Mizuki looks at the dolphin bracelet, remembering Usui.

 She says they should live properly, the five of them facing forward. “We were like different types of fish, swimming in different streams, streams that never crossed each other. However, the truth is, that we have probably always been swimming in the same sea.”


The desks of the five girls are shown alone in the classroom before the room is slowly filled with more desks. The new term starts and everyone goes to school like normal with Igarashi ready to greet them.

“You don’t have to be a good swimmer. You just have to move forward with your best effort to connect with others…with your future.”

Thoughts: Ahhh, I suspected they wouldn’t kill off the rest of the characters (they’ve done plenty of fake-outs before), but I was caught off guard when it turned out Haru was alive. I think it would have been more interesting to focus on Morishige in the finale and I was disappointed that her story was resolved off-screen in favor of more Mizuki family time. She confronts her family problems and she seems pretty content with the other girls at the end, but I would have preferred watching it play out just because it was the story that would have had the most emotional pay-off. The focus on Kamiya and her discovery behind the meaning of friendship also felt more like an afterthought and a way to fill up screen time instead of the writers trying to actually finish telling her story.

Overall, LIMIT wasn’t a bad watch, it just didn’t live up to it’s potential and probably could have been better with fewer episodes. The characters were a little too clear-cut to ever get really invested in, but I think most of the actors did okay with what they had. Still, this will probably be a drama I forget about sooner rather than later.



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