LIMIT: Episode 8


With a killer around, trusting no one and doubting everyone seems like the best way to stay alive, but the saying goes innocent until proven guilty for a reason.


Haru stands on an empty baseball field, preparing to pitch. “A dream for my future? I don’t have such a thing. I know my own limits. Bathing in the light and speaking your mind aloud. That’s only for a chosen few. No matter how loud I cry, my voice… will never reach anyone.”

Morishige and Haru get into a fight over the buzzer, forcing Kamiya and Hinata to step in while Mizuki watches. She finally has enough and demands that everyone strip so that there’s no doubt who’s the culprit. Haru agrees and both start throwing off their clothes, though everyone else looks doubtful.

Kamiya pulls Mizuki aside, reminding her about Morishige’s bruises and why she wouldn’t be so open to a strip search. Mizuki agrees and Kamiya suggests they search everyone’s belongings instead.

vlcsnap-2013-09-20-15h41m12s132vlcsnap-2013-09-20-15h39m48s58Everyone empties their pockets and nothing suspicious is found until Morishige points out that Haru didn’t empty her jacket. Haru goes along, saying she never puts anything there anyway, but her face freezes when her hand bumps into something. She pulls out the compress that was on Usui’s leg, the only compress they used since they’ve been out here.

 With this much evidence against her, Morishige proposes they tie up Haru, but she runs out of the cave with everyone in pursuit.

Mizuki catches up first, Morishige and Kamiya right behind her. She tells Haru that they won’t tie her up and asks her to come back. Haru wonders why she’s always met with opposition and begs for Mizuki to believe her.

Tearfully, Haru says the camp wasn’t supposed to be like this. She wants to go home, for everything to be the way it used to be. Mizuki assures her they can go home, but Morishige isn’t in the mood for sentimental chit-chat and charges her again, sending Haru scrambling.


The two run dangerously close to a ledge and Haru trips over a root. Mizuki tries to grab her, but she only pulls off her jacket. They all watch in horror as Haru falls, disappearing among the trees. Mizuki tries to go after her, but Kamiya holds her back. She collapses, holding onto Haru’s jacket and crying over her friend.

Mizuki: “No more… This is hell. This place is hell.”


Kamiya’s younger siblings want to go to Yamanashi with the parents, but the oldest says there’s no way they can go. They run off in the middle of the night, so she calls Igarashi, who has been suspended, for help. He finds them and brings them back to their sister, but they say they weren’t trying to go to Yamanashi. They bought a cake for their sister because she seemed so stressed about Kamiya. She’s moved by the sentiment, but when she opens the cake, it’s completely ruined. It’s cute that they eat it anyway.


Mizuki sits by the cliff, holding Haru’s jacket until night has fallen. When Hinata comes to bring her back, she says that Haru died because of her. She drove her into a corner by trying to prove her innocence, but Hinata points out that they all pushed Haru, so it’s not her fault. She asks dejectedly if they’re all going to die. He avoids the question, saying they should go back and that they’ll be rescued soon.

The next morning, Mizuki can’t understand how she’s hungry and thirsty when she’s mourning Haru, but Kamiya assures her that it’s a part of being human. Kamiya tells Mizuki that she believes Haru was framed. It’s too much of a coincidence that she had Usui’s things; anyone else would have thrown them away. While it may be slightly reassuring that Haru wasn’t the killer, it still means that one of them is.


Morishige is slightly shaken by Haru’s death, but shakes it off wen Mizuki confronts her about the blood on her jacket. Morishige sees what she’s getting at and doesn’t say, but Mizuki is scared that one of them may die again if this isn’t solved. They’ll all suspect each other and turn on each other. Mizuki just wants to go home and start over with their class. Wrong words to say to Morishige and she asks if Mizuki would bully her again.

Mizuki says she’s a different person now. She had always known that picking on Morishige was wrong, but she was too pathetic of a person to do anything about it. She wants to start over because she feels bad for what she did to her. She asks again about the blood, but she refuses to answer.


Mizuki sits down and tells Morishige to hit her until she’s satisfied. A creepy smile crosses Morishige’s face and she says delightedly, “What a nice sight,” as she approaches Mizuki. She raises her hand as Mizuki closes her eyes, but she hesitates. Mizuki looks at her and asks if she can’t do it.


Morishige hits her again and again, pushing and yelling at her to not talk until her hand is sore. Her face in the dirt, Mizuki reiterates that she wants to start over.

Morishige pulls her up and pushes her into the river, pushing Mizuki down every time she comes up for air. “Starting things over, is that only for a chosen few? There is no place to go! No place to go back to! I can’t…I…I can’t even bring myself to die.” She falls in the river, crying. Mizuki extends a hand to help her, but Morishige swats it away.

When Morishige had found the glass, she tried to cut her neck, but wasn’t able to go through with it. “I have no place…where I belong. I’m just the timid, cowardly, useless, good-for-nothing Moriko,” she had thought.


She shows Mizuki the cut on her neck and says that even if she did tell anyone, no one would have believed she tried to kill herself. Mizuki admits that if she was the same person as she was before, she wouldn’t have believed her, but she’s trying to see people differently now. Morishige starts to walk  away, but Mizuki says she believes her, making her stop in her tracks.

Finally, Igarashi sees the address on the envelope Kamiya sent and he manages to stop the parents before they head out.

Back at camp, Mizuki gets a compress for Morishige’s hand, but when she counts them, one’s missng. No one else has used them and they wonder why Kamiya lied.

Mizuki imagines Kamiya cutting Usui down and as the credits roll, Haru’s desk disappears.


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