LIMIT: Episodes 5-6


Episode five was pretty meh, but the end of episode six managed to add some much needed tension.


The search for Usui proves fruitless and the girls return to camp, only to find everything ablaze. Kamiya and Mizuki try to put out the fire, with no luck, so Mizuki tries to at least retrieve the food. She’s still exhausted from looking for Usui and is overwhelmed by the smoke and heat. She collapses and the girls watch helplessly until finally someone dashes in to rescue her. It’s Hinata! Way to make a heroic entrance.

Turns out Hinata was thrown out of the window and was unconscious until the following morning. It wasn’t until he saw the smoke from their camp that he knew there were other survivors. Everything at camp has been destroyed, but at least everyone’s safe. Except Usui. Mizuki’s still worried about her, but when Hinata asks what happened, none of the girls answer.


Hinata and Mizuki go to look for Usui while Kamiya goes back to the bus to look for more supplies since all their rations were destroyed. Mizuki and Kamiya almost get into another fight because Mizuki doesn’t approve of her going through their dead classmates’ belongings again, but Kamiya goes anyway. Hinata asks what’s up between them and Mizuki says she doesn’t understand Kamiya.


He tells her that in junior high Kamiya was in a car accident and lost both of her parents. In a flashback, we see she blamed herself for their deaths, but her grandfather had encouraged her to live, saying that her parents wanted her to survive to watch after her siblings. That had given Kamiya strength and she had given up on living like a normal teenager to take care of her siblings after her grandfather was hospitalized.


I don’t honestly see how this changes anything since Kamiya told Mizuki she was raising three children on her own a couple of episodes ago, but for some reason, this makes Mizuki see her in a different light. She treats Kamiya’s arm when she returns from the bus and apologizes for what she said the night before. Kamiya says that she always thought friendships were pointless and was content to live without ever becoming close to anyone. The night before was the first time she had ever fought with someone, but she’s thankful for it.

At home, the police have started the search, but they’re looking near Yamanashi, where the camp is, instead of Shizuoka, which is where the girls and Hinata are. However, Kamiya sent a package to her siblings from Shizuoka when they stopped earlier so she’s sure someone will realize that they’re looking in the wrong place. Igarashi, who is taking care of Kamiya’s siblings, takes no notice of the address on the envelope when the mail arrives.


Haruka starts covering the missing bus story and while she tells a worried Dad that she’s doing this for Mizuki’s sake, it’s obvious that she’s pleased that the story is helping her move up the ranks at work. She targets Igarashi and helps him take care of the kids. Igarashi, desperately needing someone to confide in, spills that he failed to confirm the bus arrived at the camp.

It becomes front page news, throwing the school into even more chaos and putting Igarashi in hot water, especially since the principal is eagerly looking for a scapegoat. The bus company isn’t getting off so easy either; the manager is arrested after one of the employees hands over a list of driving shifts that shows how overworked the bus drivers were.


Hinata manages to find a river and they catch some fish for dinner. He notices the odd relationship between Mizuki and Haru and asks Haru what happened.  Haru doesn’t give details and just says she did something she isn’t proud of, and though Mizuki has forgiven her, she can’t forgive herself.


Morishige has become increasingly on edge ever since Hinata joined them, crushing the radio, making creepy drawings, and running away from the camp whenever Hinata approaches her. Turns out Morishige has an abusive father and after he beat her, he would give her candy, not to compensate for his actions, but so she would reflect on what she did wrong. Ugh, yeah Dad, because it’s her fault you’re a violent lunatic. Mom wasn’t’ any better, blaming Morishige for the abuse they both had to suffer. Instead of comforting her daughter, she wishes that she was never born so she could leave her husband. While there’s nothing great about roughing it out in the woods, going back home to that would be hell on earth.


 Kamiya’s seen Morishige’s bruises before and suspects the abuse she’s suffered is the reason behind her erratic behavior. She goes with Mizuki to search for her, worried what will happen if Morishige finds the sickle again. They finally find Usui, but it’s too late; she’s dead. Kamiya notices that she’s cut and that’s when Morishige appears, covered in blood and holding a glass shard.

As the credits roll, Usui’s fallen desk disappears and Hinata’s is added.


I was bored with episode five because everything that was revealed about Kamiya was not only stuff we knew, but also what the characters were aware of, so I didn’t understand why this would drastically change Mizuki and Kamiya’s relationship. It just felt very forced and awkward and I wish that more had been done with these two for them to reach an understanding. I understand that as a shorter than normal drama, there’s only enough time to cover one character each episode, but I would’ve welcomed the flashback in episode three or four when Kamiya’s cold attitude was more of a mystery instead of now when it just doesn’t seem as relevant or interesting.

With the exception of Usui, all problems have been solved so far by having supposedly deep, meaningful talks with Mizuki, a typical j-drama formula that gets boring after a while. This is why I welcome Morishige’s back story because for once this isn’t something that can be solved by having another heartfelt conversation with Mizuki. Morishige has been a victim of too many people too many times for her to ever think anything will change. Everyone’s determined to go home and with help on the way, she’s going to do everything she can to make sure that doesn’t happen. It’s going to be her versus them, so I expect for the show to pull out something other than another not-so-inspiring speech.


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