LIMIT: Episode 3


This episode wasn’t bad, but there were definitely some things I wish had been done better. Last episode’s conflict continues to be the focal point of this episode, but we do get some bits and pieces of info on the other girls, as well as an unexpected twist at the end.

This time, the opening is focused on Haru, who is sitting on a roof, holding feathers in her hand. “I’ve never been filled with anxiety. The more I want something, the more it slips away from my hands. It flies away to a distant place and I become alone.” All the feathers fly away from her hand and she watches the last one floating out of her reach.


 Mizuki rolls out of the way just in time as Haru swings again. With the spear stuck in the ground, Haru starts strangling Mizuki instead while Mizuki tries to fight her off and soothe her at the same time. She reminds her that they’re friends and for a moment, the words seem to reach Haru. But she’s not concerned about Mizuki; her hairclip has been lost in the struggle and she searches for it frantically before spotting it far away.


She scrambles for it, making sure its alright. Assured now that she has her clip, she tells Mizuki that she’s never seen her as a friend. She begins to attack her again, but Kamiya stops the fight. She makes Mizuki the slave, picking her up and dragging her outside their camp; as the slave, she has to sleep outside.


Morishige doesn’t object and she asks Haru if she really wanted to stab Mizuki. Now that she knows she won’t die of starvation, the fact that she almost committed homicide finally hits Haru. Morishige sniffs that she’s weak because she gets riled up with only a little provocation.

Now out of sight from the others, Kamiya apologizes for being so rough with Mizuki, but Morishige wouldn’t be satisfied if she didn’t do this much.  She promises to bring water later, but Mizuki’s still reeling from her near-death experience to be grateful to Kamiya. Before leaving, Kamiya says that she hoped everyone would work together, but she supposes she was too naïve.


Morning comes and with the water supply running low, Kamiya says she’ll look for a river. Morishige tells Haru and Usui to go as well, but Usui’s ankle, which has become worse, prevents her from walking. She wobbles around, accidentally knocking over Morishige’s water bottle. Eep, not good. Usui shrinks in fear as Morishige says that if she’s going to be useless, she might as well be the slave.

Kamiya manages to divert another showdown by saying Usui should stay and keep the fire going. Usui begs to go with Kamiya and Haru because she’s afraid of being left alone with Morishige. Kamiya emphasizes how important it is for her to watch the fire, making it clear that this is the only way to keep her safe from Morishige’s wrath. For now, anyway. Haru, still hungry, snatches another snack while the others aren’t looking.


Mizuki comes along with Haru and Kamiya to look for water, but the air is awkward because of what happened the night before. Kamiya remains composed, pointing out they need to work together and showing them how to not get lost before they split up. Both girls are in awe of her cool-headedness and Mizuki asks how she can be so calm. Kamiya, with great reluctance, pulls out her wallet and shows them a picture of her siblings. She says they’re everything to her and even now they’re waiting for her to come home, so she’s determined to stay alive no matter what.


Back at camp, the fire’s started to burn low and Usui hasn’t noticed. Morishige threatens that if she doesn’t manage to keep the fire going, she’ll be the slave, so Usui scrambles on the ground for wood to keep it burning, mumbling sorry over and over again.

At the Konno house, it’s the morning of Dad’s departure and even though Haruka sees his bag at the door before she leaves, she doesn’t reply when he wishes her good luck at her interview. Dad tells Mom to break the news to Mizuki that he’s a terrible father and whatnot, but Mom says that even if she tells Mizuki, there’s no way she’ll accept the divorce.

Haru finally manages to eat her snack, only to throw it up seconds later. Mizuki hears and comes to help, until she spots the onigiri wrapper and puts two and two together. Haru says it’s Mizuki’s fault she’s like this; it’s because she took away Sakura. Sakura had been her only friend since middle school and being with her had raised her confidence. But then Mizuki had come in between them and she realized she was second to her. She had become so stressed that she couldn’t focus on school and her grades had dropped.


The only way Haru could calm down was through binge eating, but that only made her hate herself more, so she always threw up immediately. The only thing Mizuki can offer is an apology, but that only infuriates Haru more. She knows that Mizuki doesn’t care for her or understand her feelings, but Mizuki says she always knew that Haru tried to avoid talking about her grades because she was struggling in school. Haru softens for a moment, but she still isn’t ready to accept Mizuki, so she stomps away before realizing that her beloved hair clip from Sakura is gone.

She watches Haru search for her hairclip before sharing that she was bullied in middle school and how she wanted to become better at reading the atmosphere. But now she realizes that she never did figure that out.


She starts looking for Haru’s hairclip as well and spots it down a hill. She volunteers to get it, though it’s a rough climb. Mizuki almost slips a few times, causing Haru to ask her to come back. But Mizuki says that it’s something precious to her, so she needs it. She finally manages to get the clip and Haru helps pull her up. The two have a little heartfelt moment that’s cut short by the appearance of Kamiya, who has something to show them.


Igarashi has been busy contacting the bus company and the camp site to see if they’ve heard anything about his class. Confirming that the class never reached the camp site, he finally comes clean with the principal. He tries to make up for his mistake by calling the police, but the principal stops him. Erg, what? Why? Thirty students have gone missing for a day, isn’t that something you should look into? The bus company manager is also destroying any data related to work so they won’t be held responsible for the incident.


Poor Usui’s barely holding it together with Morishige watching her, so naturally she trips while gathering fire wood, knocking over a can of candy. Something about the can sets off Morishige, who remembers receiving candy from a similar can. She swings her sickle at Usui wildly, saying she doesn’t need it over and over. I don’t really know what to make of this scene because we see she doesn’t hit Usui, only striking dirt, but for some reason, Usui’s stopped moving.


Kamiya has found a very little pool that they can use if they filter and boil the water. Mizuki spots something on a nearby rock; it’s one of their camp packets. There’s another survivor.

As the credits roll, another desk is added to the classroom.

Thoughts: That caught me off guard; I didn’t expect for there to be someone else alive. The desk is near Mizuki’s and Haru’s, so maybe Hinata? After all, we never did see the owner of that hand, so for all we know, he could be alive. Then again, there’s always more room for school flashbacks, so they could always introduce a new character, though it seems unlikely.

After that gigantic fallout last episode, I’m sort of miffed that Haru and Mizuki’s relationship was repaired in such an easy and awkward way. I was rolling my eyes during the whole hairclip-rescuing scene, because Haru’s been through a lot because of Mizuki, so saving a hairclip just doesn’t make them friends again. I do want them to be friends, so Haru can realize there are people that she can relate to and accept besides Sakura. I also hope they don’t just push aside Haru’s eating disorder now that she and Mizuki are getting along. It is something that started because of her jealousy of Mizuki, but it’s become a bigger problem than that, so it should be addressed and dealt with properly.

Overall, not quite as good as the first two episodes, but still decent.


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