LIMIT: Episode 2


Relationships are broken and a new social structure is formed as the girls realize they can’t just sit and wait around for someone to rescue them.

The episode opens with Mizuki swimming in a pool and narrating. “There is a certain atmosphere in the world. If you read this atmosphere, you won’t hurt others and won’t get hurt. In order not to sink, always keep a certain distance. Avoid troublesome things and put on a fake smile. I’ve always went with the flow and swam really well.” A hand reaches from below, grabbing her ankle and pulling her down while Mizuki struggles. “I swam…because I had to.”

We pick up with Morishige gleefully laughing over Sakura’s death. Haru can’t take it and slaps Morishige across the face, saying that someone like Morishige should have died instead of Sakura. She starts to jump Morishige, but out of nowhere, Morishige swings a sickle, making Haru shrink back.


Morishige flings her notebook at Mizuki and she picks it up and begins to read it. It contains the date and time of every time she’s been bullied by Sakura’s gang. Mizuki keeps flipping the pages and sees that Morishige also has a hit list. Morishige says she remembers everything that she’s been forced to suffer, shaking the sickle at everyone.


She recalls the day that she was forced to draw the lottery for the field trip. Sakura had nominated her and Mizuki and Haru had followed suit. She even remembers that Usui had raised her hand, though she did it in a way that no one would notice. Only Kamiya hadn’t nominated her, but Morishige swears that the look on her face was that of a person looking down on her. She says vehemently that they all should die.

Mizuki tries to approach her, but Morishige says this isn’t school; she doesn’t have to take their abuse anymore. Usui begins to freak out and cries about how she wants to go home. She wonders why no one is coming to rescue them, but Mizuki says someone will rescue them soon.

Morishige seems to have calmed down, so Kamiya goes to the bus and says that she’s going to look for things they can use. Mizuki doesn’t think that she should go through the belongings of their dead classmates since help will come soon. Kamiya informs her of the driver’s fatigue, deducing that the bus company was probably mismanaged so it will take a while before they realize that an accident has happened.

After almost getting her leg chopped off, Haru has no plans to stay around Morishige any longer than she has to. She tells Mizuki that they should walk around and look for a road or something, but Kamiya points out that the first rule of survival is to stay near the crash site. It’s reckless to walk around in an unfamiliar place, but Haru is in no mood to listen to Kamiya. She covers Sakura’s face with a handkerchief, saying that they’ll be able to return home soon and waits for Mizuki to join her.


Mizuki hesitates for a long time, knowing that Kamiya has the more reasonable plan, but Haru drags her off. The two tramp through the forest, with Haru calling out for help and Mizuki constantly looking back. Mizuki tries to persuade Haru to head back causing Haru to lash out and slap her. She asks why she isn’t sad about Sakura’s death and says she’s only been using Sakura. Mizuki protests, but Haru says the moment Sakura died, she only cared about her own safety. She says she’s the worst before stalking off angrily, still calling for help.


Mizuki stands there in shock, thinking back to three years ago when the head of her clique wanted to ignore their friend Saeko. The girls that Mizuki hung out with were angry that Saeko flirted with another boy despite knowing their friend Mika liked him. This had put Mizuki in a bind since she was closer with Saeko than the other girls because they always went to school together.

Mizuki had tried to give Saeko the cold shoulder, but she was uncomfortable with the bullying Mika and her group put Saeko through. Eventually, she stood up to Mika’s group in front of the whole class, proud of herself for sticking by her friend. But in the end, Saeko turned her back on Mizuki and was let back in Mika’s circle. Now isolated, the girls had locked Mizuki in a bathroom stall and Saeko herself had poured the bucket of water on Mizuki. At that moment, Mizuki had decided to never sympathize with anyone again.


“I don’t need to become a good person. I just need to read the atmosphere, go with the flow, and I won’t fail again.”

She looks at Haru trudging ahead and says aloud that she never wants to go to the other side again before following after her.

At the bus company, only one guy is worried that they can’t reach the driver, but the manager says to cut him some slack. He mentions that the driver was tired and called saying he wanted to quit, but the manager still thinks it’s unlikely that something bad happened. We see the driver’s phone at the front of the bus, but we don’t know if it’s working or not.

Kamiya collects materials from the bus, unperturbed by the dead bodies and finds a working radio one of the teachers had. Usui keeps trying the phones, taking out a bottle of water, only to have it snatched from her by Morishige who downs the whole thing and throws it back at Usui.


Kamiya finishes raiding the bus and all of the bloodstained items makes Usui feel sick. Kamiya suggests they find shelter, but Usui’s leg is injured.  Morishige, still carrying her sickle, thinks she’s useless, alarming Usui, but Kamiya supports her as the three look for shelter.

The sun’s setting and predictably Mizuki and Haru haven’t found anyone. They stop at a rock face and Haru begins to consume most of her food. Mizuki suggests that she doesn’t eat everything all at once. Considering the fact that it’s just marshmallows and cookies, I doubt saving it will do you any good, but Haru stuffs it back in her bag anyway, saying she’s only eating because she’s been yelling so much.

The two continue walking, but Haru becomes distracted by the jingling of Mizuki’s phone chain. She slips in a hole and almost falls down a cliff, but Mizuki manages to catch her. Unfortunately, her bag with snacks is lost, so the two spend the night hungry and cold. Mizuki looks at her phone which still doesn’t have a signal and finally looks at the text Hinata sent her, asking to meet her on the last day.


She thinks back to when she was in the swimming club with Hinata. Mizuki had been sulking because they lost a swimming medley because of her. Hinata had tried to cheer her up by sharing his music with her. She silently cries, recalling Hinata’s mp3 hanging from his hand on the bus and the fact she’ll never see him again.



At Mizuki’s house, her dad is looking at a picture of their family when Mom comes in saying she’s signed the papers. Mizuki’s older sister, Haruka, comes home, worried that she hasn’t been able to reach Mizuki, but Mom assures her it’s because their phones have been confiscated.

Mom goes upstairs as Dad quickly stashes the divorce papers out of sight. Ah, so Mizuki and Haruka don’t know about the divorce yet, they just think Dad’s leaving to pursue his dream job. Haruka asks if Mizuki knows that he’s leaving tomorrow and he says he told her that morning. She mentions that Mizuki also wants to live with their mom and asks if he’s sure he’s making the right decision, but Dad doesn’t budge. He asks that she forgive him for being a selfish father and he starts to say he understands the demands of her job, but she walks out, unwilling to hear more. vlcsnap-2013-08-06-22h21m13s122vlcsnap-2013-08-06-22h21m56s39

Haru and Mizuki are lost and with Haru retching again, desperate for water and food, Mizuki’s at a loss for what to do. The two think about continuing walking when they see a faraway light.

Kamiya, Usui, and Morishige have set up camp and have a fire going. Haru and Mizuki stumble into the camp and Haru instantly spots the water and food. Morishige stops her from going any further though with the sickle at her throat. She asks what she thinks she’s doing after she left so proudly before. She refuses to give her the food, but Haru’s desperate so she whips out her purse and offers her money. And what exactly will she do with that?


Morishige thinks the same, tossing Haru’s money to the side with a smirk.  She always knew that Haru was an idiot;  money, phones, accessories, all of that is useless here. Mizuki looks away from the exchange and asks Kamiya about the rescue party. Kamiya has been listening to the radio this entire time and there’s been no mention of their accident, so it’s unlikely that help will come any time soon. Just to add on to their misery, it’s unlikely that they’ll survive long with a couple of snacks and only a little bit of water to split among the five of them.

This dampens the girls’ spirits, but Morishige only blasts some music. She says they have no choice then but to establish a hierarchy. She makes a chart, where she’s at the top as empress, Kamiya’s royalty, and Usui’s a commoner. She decides that only four of them will get food and water while the lowest rank, a slave, won’t get any, but she can’t decide between Mizuki and Haru.


Mizuki asks why Morishige has decided everything, but Morishige still has the sickle and says she’s only doing what they did. They made her the lowest rank because they were the winners, but now the tables have turned. She throws a stick she sharpened at them and tells them to fight it out. Whoa, what? Maybe it really is about to become Battle Royale up in here. Mizuki scoffs at the idea, saying she doesn’t need her food and won’t fight with Haru. That doesn’t faze Morishige though; she admires her concern for Haru, so she makes Mizuki the servant and Haru the slave.

Haru is horrified, but Morishige is unmoved and asks how it feels to have to listen to her. If she doesn’t like her situation, then she can change it herself. She finally hits her hard and says that she knows that Haru actually hates Mizuki. She’s higher than her in looks and grades and she was closer to Sakura than Haru. Haru listens silently, never looking back at Mizuki. Mizuki shouts at Morishige to stop, but she just keeps going, saying this is her chance to snatch Mizuki’s position.

Haru turns slowly towards Mizuki and she tries to convince her not to listen, reminding her that they’re friends. But Haru continues moving towards the spear, so Mizuki grabs for it, but Haru gets it first. Morishige jumps on it and says that Mizuki tried to stab her. Mizuki says she didn’t, but Haru doesn’t seem to be listening. She raises the spear at Mizuki and the scene freezes.


Mizuki: “At that moment I realized. This isn’t school. Everyone has died. There’s no need to put on a fake smile here.”

At school, Igarashi finally realizes that he hasn’t heard from Takeda yet, but when the principal asks, he saves face and confirms that the trip is going well. Ugh, worst teacher ever.

Mizuki falls to the ground as Haru advances and Morishige watches with a sadistic grin. “Here there is no point…in reading the atmosphere.” Haru raises the spear as Mizuki screams.

As the credits roll, the classroom now only has five desks and Mizuki’s has tipped over.

Thoughts: I didn’t expect for the tension between Haru and Mizuki to escalate so quickly, even though Haru and Mizuki were hardly friends in the first place since Mizuki only tried to endear herself to Sakura, so they were bound to be pitted against each other. Mizuki wasn’t exactly unaware of how Haru felt about her, but it’s unclear if Mizuki felt the same. i don’t think she liked or hated Haru, but was just indifferent to her. Yes, she does stick up for her in front of Morishige, but that’s because she’s still stuck in school world logic. Now that Haru has turned on her and she realizes that her usual methods of survival won’t work, I doubt she’ll continue being so complacent towards Haru, especially since there’s nothing in it for her.That’s not to say that Mizuki’s cold-hearted; I do think she was genuinely sad to lose Sakura, but ever since she was bullied in middle school, Mizuki has sacrificed real friendships for safety and security and stuck in a forest with nothing to eat but crackers, being safe is ten times more important than a friendship that you weren’t that invested in in the first place.

Unfortunately Morishige has become the typical screechy, buggy-eyed villain (and I use the word villan lightly since there’s no good or bad characters here), but it’s interesting to watch her take advantage of the situation, not merely by swinging her sickle around, but by playing on other’s emotions.  Her notebook revealed just how meticulous she is so it’s not surprising that she knew exactly what to say to manipulate Haru. I hope they play up that angle more when there’s another power reversal, because judging by the look Usui’s giving Morishige, I doubt she’ll have her weapon for long.


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