Heartless City: Episodes 13-16


Whoa, the finale for Heartless City aired this week and I still haven’t watched last week’s episodes. I haven’t had any internet for a few days, so my drama-watching schedule has been a little bit off. I have a lot of catching up to do.

A lot didn’t really happen in episodes thirteen and fourteen, at least nothing that actually managed to move the plot forward. There is the big face off between Shi-hyun and Chairman Jo, but Shi-hyun once again proves that he’s a flipping superhero and manages to save himself and Soo-min and get Chairman Jo sent to jail. I know I said Shi-hyun’s Batman and everything, but this is getting a little old. The only good thing about these episodes was when Shi-hyun found out the truth about his mother’s death and basically said “Screw you!” to Min.


I was excited by the cliffhanger of episode fourteen since it seemed like Shi-hyun was finally going to break things off with Min and the show was going to take a different turn, only to be disappointed in the next two episodes because the two were still in contact.  It’s such a WTF because we don’t see how the two went from point A to point B. Did that whole showdown between you two in episode fourteen not happen? There’s no fallout, no consequences, the two just go back to being an undercover cop and a handler.  My thing about this is, Shi-hyun and Min are more than just subordinate and superior. Min was someone he looked up to and trusted and to learn that a person that you admired so much was using you and basically made you throw your whole life away isn’t something that Shi-hyun could have gotten over off screen. After he shows himself to Hyung-min against Min’s wishes and no longer cares about his threats, it’s clear that Shi-hyun hasn’t forgotten Min’s betrayal, but I guess that Shi-hyun decided that Busan was the bigger issue at hand and that he needed to keep Min around to take down Busan. Still, it felt shoved under a rug and I wish the conflict between the two was given more time to play out.


A trained cop who’s at least twenty pounds heavier than Shi-hyun can’t take out twenty-something bad guys, but Shi-hyun can. *Facepalm* Heartless City logic.


Hyung-min’s hot-headed and overemotional, but he’s not an idiot so I don’t understand why he’s keeping Soo-min as an undercover agent when her cover’s been blown. I’m honestly surprised it took Shi-hyun this long to figure it out since Soo-min and Hyung-min aren’t exactly being subtle about it. The writer did try to rationalize keeping Soo-min around by saying that since Jin-sook doesn’t know, then obviously Doctor couldn’t know about her, but that doesn’t really make any sense since Shi-hyun called Hyung-min and told him he knows.  And it’s not like this is the first time Shi-hyun’s called him to tell him something. Besides that, even if it wasn’t Shi-hyun, the fact that somebody knows who your undercover is means you should probably pull Soo-min out, especially since she’s the worst undercover cop ever and mostly just gets captured and requires rescuing ninety percent of the time.


I guess my concern for Jin-sook was unwarranted.


One thing I do like about Heartless City is that you can’t just point out one person as the Source of All Evil and so we have the emergence of another Big Bad, Hyung-min’s dad. I thought that Hyung-min’s dad was being backed by Chairman Jo at first, since he’s been threatening to kill Hyung-min and what not, but it’s the opposite, which makes me wonder how much power Hyung-min’s dad actually has and how involved he’s been in this game. 


I am questioning how much of what Safari’s told Shi-hyun is the truth since he’s planning to backstab him. I don’t doubt what he told Shi-hyun about his mother, but I don’t think Chairman Jo is behind Kyung-mi’s death. Safari probably knows as much about who’s behind Kyung-mi’s death as we do, but he needed some way to get Shi-hyun on his side to take out Chairman Jo. If there’s anything this show has taught us, it’s that revenge is a great motivator, so there’s no better way to win Shi-hyun’s grudging trust than to tell him that Chairman Jo was the one who framed him for Kyung-mi’s death.

Since the show has finished and subs will be up for episode twenty sometime tomorrow, I’ll watch the last four episodes in one go sometime later this week and do a wrap-up on the show then. All I ask is that Shi-hyun, Jin-sook, and Soo make it out alive. Everyone else…I don’t really care that much.


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