Heartless City: Episodes 11-12


I’m itching to watch this week’s episodes, especially since it appears something big happens (or is about to happen), but I thought that I needed to get some thoughts out on last week first.


I was iffy about Safari being an undercover cop before, but after seeing episode 11, I can accept this twist because there is a very real possibility of this happening to Shi-hyun. I have way more respect for the actor playing Safari, Choi Moo-sung, than I did before as his emotions range from sympathetic and vulnerable to cold and menacing in these two episodes. I do think that Safari tried to maintain his dual identity as Moon Duk Bae and Safari, but in the end Safari won out. Busan is huge; whenever someone gets taken out, another one shows up to take his place and I think Safari was faced with that fact and believed his undercover mission was hopeless. Add in the fact that Min’s pulling way more strings than he lets on and that he somehow betrayed him (because I don’t completely buy what Min said about Safari succumbing to greed), so the fact that he went rogue isn’t surprising. 


Shi-hyun’s in the same position as Safari was; he’s walking a fine line between being Doctor’s Son and Shi-hyun, to the point that  sometimes he can’t tell the difference. Even to people that know him as Shi-hyun, like Jin-sook, he always presents himself as Doctor’s Son. He has to convince everyone that he’s the calculating Doctor’s Son and it raises the question if there is a difference between Shi-hyun and Doctor’s Son. It’s the first time that this dilemma is presented and it gets glossed over a little too quickly for my liking with Min assuring him that he’s not like Safari. At least Safari’s reveal seems to be sending off warning signs about Min to Shi-hyun since he’s not keeping him informed of his every move anymore. 


Soo jokes that he should try being a cop. Ha, at least the writer knows that the number of undercover cops running around is ridiculous.


I’m surprised it took this long for a k-drama to get the traditional wall of baddies. Isn’t this something Soo-min should have known when she started going undercover?


I’m surprised Director Jo was taken out so easily, though I’m not complaining, he freaked me out and it moves us one step closer to taking down Busan. I think that Safari pinning Jo’s murder on Shi-hyun will be the tipping point for Jin-sook and she’ll finally have to decide between them. I don’t blame her for being caught in between them, since both of them have been keeping her in the dark and using her to get the other, but I sort of dread what could happen to her once she picks a side. As much as I like Jin-sook for being a woman that can take care of herself, her only purpose so far has been to further the fight between Safari and Shi-hyun and be Soo-min’s source of information. Now that Shi-hyun and Safari are fighting out in the open and with Shi-hyun aware that Soo-min is working for Hyung-min, she’s not really necessary. I’m not saying they’re going to kill her off, Soo’s still around and his sole purpose is to get kidnapped/stabbed/beaten, but her importance plot-wise has greatly diminished. Hopefully they find another way that isn’t totally ridiculous to keep her in the game.


I wonder what Shi-hyun’s going to do now he knows that Soo-min’s working undercover. I can’t believe that Soo-min and Hyung-min were so careless, with Hyung-min hanging around in plain sight like no one would notice him. Shi-hyun’s pretty unpredictable, so there’s no telling what he’ll do, but with such an incompetent police force and the prosecutor’s office in Shi-hyun’s hand, I’m sure he’ll find a way to lead them off. There’s still a lot going on in the drug underworld, so I’m not ready for Soo-min to find out Shi-hyun is Doctor’s Son just yet, but I hope it doesn’t drag out too long.

Now that Busan knows Safari was a cop, there’s no way they’ll take him back, so I guess he’s trying to take over the organization by pitting him against Shi-hyun. So now we have Busan, Safari, and the police after Shi-hyun. That’s insane.



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