Heartless City: Episodes 7-8

Really, no one knew that was Shi-hyun? Really?
Really, no one knew that was Shi-hyun? Really?

I am woefully behind on Heartless City because real life has been catching up with me and I wasn’t as enthralled with these episodes, so it took me a while to do a write-up. It felt like the show slowed down a lot as there was a lot of moving people into place and not a lot of stuff actually happening. Even Shi-hyun’s fight scene in episode seven felt like the writers were trying to remind us that Shi-hyun’s Batman a badass, which duh, I watched the first six episodes, I already know that,  instead of actually furthering the plot. On the other hand, these episodes did focus on fleshing out the characters and their relationships and I did appreciate that.


Soo-min finally got a fair amount of screen time in episode seven. I was cheering when she chewed out Hyung-min for treating her so harshly. Hello Hyung-min, Soo-min is:

1) Young

2) Inexperienced

3) Scared

4) Can only talk to you about what she’s going through

You could at least try to be understanding.


The almost bed scene between Hyung-min and Soo-min caught me off guard because all I could think was “What’s going on? Don’t you hate him?” Hyung-min was definitely more affected than he let on and I guess that means that a love triangle is forming. Urgh, I thought we would avoid that by making Soo-min the female lead instead of Kyung-mi (who I liked a lot more, despite her short appearance), but I guess it’s more interesting than having Kyung-mi caught in the middle.


At least we got more than a three-minute, pointless interaction between Soo-min and Shi-hyun in episode seven. I usually hate it when dramas have characters randomly meet for no reason, but I like that these two are building some type of relationship outside of the doom and gloom world of drugs and crime.


But, I don’t think I can ship Shi-hyun and Soo-min because right now I am loving Jin-sook and Shi-hyun. I feel kind of weird about shipping this because Jin-sook raised Shi-hyun, but these two have all this crazy chemistry between them. Besides is it really just a noona-dongsaeng relationship? Is it something more? I don’t know, hell Shi-hyun doesn’t even know, but I do know that I want them to escape evil drug world and go away and live happily together, though it’s totally impossible. When she said she would only leave if he did, I was DYING because you can tell both of them want to protect the other so much, but neither of them can give up this life and…ugh. These two really can’t be together? Really? Can’t we just stick Soo-min with Hyung-min because I don’t really care about either of them so the OTP I want can work out?

 Though I said that Safari’s the bad guy, we see that he’s as much of a victim of this world as Shi-hyun and Jin-sook; he’s just trying to survive. I do think he was honestly conflicted about killing Shi-hyun at the end of episode eight, but at the end of the day, he needs to save his own skin.


I think these were the first episodes where we saw that Shi-hyun doesn’t have everything under control. From the war between Jin-sook and Soo to the relationship between Jin-sook and Safari, Shi-hyun can’t always ensure things go his way and he can’t protect everyone. I like watching Shi-hyun fight and outsmart people as much as the next fangirl, but  I was  wondering if we would ever see him being vulnerable. We got a glimpse of it before when Kyung-mi died, but I think that was so hastily done that I didn’t really feel it. Seeing him beg the commissioner to help him save Soo and then go knowing that he might die and/or jeopardize his mission was the first real conflict Shi-hyun’s had and one that actually struck me emotionally, even though I know he’ll get out of it.

Sort of a side-note, but how cute is Reporter Cha? She’s totaly a plot device right now, but I like her and this show is pretty careful about how it handles even minor characters (like Soo-min’s friend), so I think she’ll have a bigger role later.


2 thoughts on “Heartless City: Episodes 7-8”

  1. Don’t worry, you’re not alone..I felt weird for wanting to ship Jin Sook x Shi Hyun but recently I decided to go all in for these two. I don’t necessarily need romance between them, as long as they are safe and happy together I will be satisfied. But if Soo Min comes in between them………………..*doesn’t want to think about it*

    Surprisingly Reporter Cha is a very refreshing character especially when she’s paired with Hyung Min. I find her & Hyung Min’s interactions to be really funny, HAHA. I agree with you, it’s too bad that she’s obviously a plot device for now. =_=

    And LOL I never thought of comparing Shi Hyun to Batman. 😛


    1. Ugh, no, if Shi-hyun and Soo-min’s romance breaks Jin-sook’s and Shi-hyun’s relationship, I can definitiely go without it.

      Yep, if it wasn’t for Shi-hyun, Reporter Cha would probably be my favorite character right now. I don’t think Hyung-min knows how to handle her,but he’s not gruff like he is with Soo-min, so watching them together is hilarious. You’d think all of her bubbliness would be out of place, but she fits in somehow.

      I have no idea why, but Shi-hyun reminded me of Batman, probably because he can do all this crazy stuff and still get away with it. He’s already running around in disguises, all he needs is a cape and some tights.


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