Mitsushima Hikari and Oguri Shun pair up for Sakamoto Yuji’s new drama, Woman


I can overlook lots of things in a drama; bad acting, poor directing, horrible music, etc. as long as the script comes together. So, I am beyond excited for Woman, which is being penned by Sakamoto Yuji who was behind the brilliant Soredemo, Ikite Yuku and Saikou no Rikon.

Mitsushima and Oguri will play a married couple, Koharu and Shin Aoyagi. Their family is broken when Shin suddenly dies and Koharu has to raise their two children alone. At the same time she reunites with her own mother, played by Tanaka Yuko, who abandoned her family for another man.


The drama’s supposed to be about the relationship between Koharu and her mother and her struggle to raise her children. I was excited when I saw that Oguri’s name was attached, but since he dies, I guess we won’t see him too much. Still excited though since this will be Mitsushima’s first drama since Soredemo. Still can’t believe I had never heard of her before that drama. She was so good, miles and miles ahead of other popular actresses right now.

I guess Sakamoto’s picky about the actors in his dramas; he’s worked with Tanaka before in 2010’s Mother and he specifically picked out Eita for Saikou no Rikon after working with him in Soredemo.

Woman will air Wednesdays starting on July 3rd. Please, please, please let a subbing group pick this up.


One thought on “Mitsushima Hikari and Oguri Shun pair up for Sakamoto Yuji’s new drama, Woman”

  1. Normally I would first be attracted to this drama because of Oguri Shun but then I also heard the name Mitsushima Hikari. Omg, she is amazing!! I loved her in Soredemo.

    But the main thing that caught my attention……..IT’S SAKAMOTO YUJI. I definitely have high expectations now!!!


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