Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo Episode 5

I am as shocked and happy as you are Kotoko.

Spring time: the season of warmer weather, cherry blossoms, and graduation. This show continues to be a cute, fun watch as Kotoko and Naoki prepare to make the most out of the little time they have left in high school before moving onto college. 

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Surprisingly, I liked Kin-chan’s little scene with Kotoko at the restaurant. For the record, I’m a hopeless second-lead shipper. I’ve narrowed this down to two reasons A) The second male lead treats the girl way better than the male lead and B) I already know the second lead has no chance of getting the girl, which makes me pity him and subsequently root for him. Kin-chan meets both of my requirements for second-lead shipping, yet I’ve never felt the need to root for him or even feel bad for him. I think it’s because Kin-chan’s feelings for Kotoko were always used more for comic fodder, so there was rarely an emotional connection with his character (probably because Kaoru Tada was aware that having a serious male contender for Kotoko’s affections would screw up Kotoko and Naoki’s love line because Naoki was such an unlikeable character).

Anyway, I liked this scene because it gave a bit more depth to Kin-chan’s character. Undoubtedly, he cares about Kotoko a lot more than Naoki and is putting in so much effort to be good enough for her, so I can understand his frustration, and even inferiority, when he learns that Naoki gave up going to Toudai to be near Kotoko. At least if Naoki isn’t interested, there’s still hope, but if the perfect boy is starting to meet Kotoko halfway, then this uphill battle just became that much harder. I’m not rooting for Kin-chan yet, but I’m starting to warm up to him.


I think Kin-chan’s daydreams may be more entertaining than Kotoko’s.



But enough about Kin-chan. How fun was it to see jealous Naoki? Oh wait, maybe it would have been fun if Naoki’s expression actually changed. Yeah, I can totally tell he’s seething with rage. I’m just going to chalk up that lack of expression to the fact that Naoki probably isn’t even aware that he’s jealous right now. In all seriousness, I know Naoki’s supposed to be cool, calm and collected, but come on Show, you’ve got to give me something. Naoki doesn’t have to show emotion all the time, but just a little change in expression would be nice.

Aww, don’t cry Dad.


Loved the graduation scene.



Only in your dreams Kotoko.


Irie-mama is nothing without her camera.


Kotoko’s best trait is her ability to remain optimistic and that really shines in this episode. She does her best to make the graduation party memorable for Kin-chan and even when Naoki tries to ruin the fun, she manages to get her revenge. Too bad for Kotoko, Naoki always manages to get the last laugh.



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