Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu Episode 6

I was thinking of dropping recaps for this show since I got so behind because of my computer, school, and the holidays, but I’ve had this one typed up for a while so I figured I might as well post this recap and finish up the recaps before the new drama season (and school) started. I still haven’t finished the show myself anyway, so maybe writing recaps will motivate me to finish.

So, how is everyone faring in the love game right now?

Yes, this is as awkward as it looks

Well, Emi and Takei are an official couple and even though Emi’s having fun on the dates, that feeling just isn’t there.

In the cafe, the woman types, “Can you take charge of your love?”

Yu is down because of the marriage problems, but he doesn’t tell anyone, though his attitude doesn’t escape Emi’s notice. She tries to get the truth out of him, which leads to their usual playfighting when Takei comes to pick her up from work. Takei’s obviously not happy seeing Emi being so friendly with Yu, but he doesn’t say anything about it.

Takei invites Emi to his kendo tournament. He wants to win and says he’ll give his trophy to her as a present. Aww. He also wants to be her number one. He’s totally embarrassed as soon as he says it and asks what her number one job is. He thinks it might be something like doing the lighting or carving pumpkins like she did for the Halloween party, but Yu planned everything for that. Emi smiles while talking about how great Yu’s ideas are, putting a damper on Takei’s mood again, though he tries to hide it.

Saki and Takumi are meeting again, this time at the batting cages. Saki asks if he’s told Misuzu that they already knew each other before the barbecue. Takumi hasn’t because he doesn’t want Misuzu to misunderstand. Yeah, well, you’ve put it off so long that there’s no way she wouldn’t misunderstand. Saki asks if what they’re doing is adultery since one of her rules is to not meet with married men. Takumi doesn’t think so since they haven’t done anything to be guilty about and their feelings are platonic. Well, maybe your feelings are platonic. Saki agrees but asks if when their feelings are mutual and they want to be there for each other, won’t it be adultery then? She can’t help but feel that they’re deceiving Misuzu.

Mako meets with Kisaki to talk about their department reorganizing. She’s a dispatch worker and her contract will be up in March, so there’s a chance she’ll have to find a new job.

Emi’s worried about how Yu’s been acting and Saki tells her to snap out of it and only worry about Takei since he’s her boyfriend. Emi asserts that she’s only worried about Yu as a close friend, but Saki doesn’t believe her. She asks Emi if she’s ever thought about what would happen if Hikari and Yu broke up, but Emi says the thought has never crossed her mind.

Mako comes home for the first time in three days, bearing sunflowers Yamamoto got for her. Saki congratulates her on being with such a nice guy, but Emi lets slip that Mako and Yamamoto’s relationship isn’t that great. Mako explains about the sex problem and Saki advises that she should just tell Yamamoto. Mako’s afraid to though; she knows Yamamoto likes her a lot so she thinks telling him she doesn’t like sleeping with him would hurt his feelings. Excuse me as I bang my head against a wall.

Yu’s going to meet Hikari’s dad again when he meets the doctor from last time. He talks to Yu on the roof, telling him about how important the clinic is to Hikari’s family and how Hikari wouldn’t want it to close. Wow, I wish Yu could hear that from Hikari. Doctor guy and Hikari’s dad want doctor guy to marry Hikari so the clinic can stay open, so he asks Yu to give up on the marriage.

Emi’s mom routine call is about some out-of-season sunflowers that bloomed and how sunflowers only stare at you, just like a devoted lover. Emi cuts the call short when she realizes she’s late for Takei’s kendo match. Before she leaves, she picks up the love charm which was torn earlier. Mako’s fixed it since then and smiling, Emi heads out.

Finally, Yu and Hikari meet to talk about their problems, and of course, break up. Hikari doesn’t want to go against her dad and fears for his health, so she tells Yu to give up on the marriage.

Emi goes to watch the kendo tournament with Takei’s little sister. Little sister sings Takei’s praises saying that her brother’s determined to win so he can be Emi’s number one. As they cheer on Takei, Yu’s moping about the broken engagement.

Takei makes it to the final match just as Emi gets a call from Takahashi. Yu called him up to drink together at the office, but he’s busy, so he wondered if Emi could go instead since Yu sounded so depressed. Emi declines since she’s busy too, but she’s worried.

The final match starts but Emi’s not paying attention. There are flashbacks of her time with Yu, how he could always talk to her about anything and how she’s such an important friend to him. Emi stands up suddenly, her love charm dropping to the ground unnoticed and she runs out.

The match ends with Takei only getting second place. His sister gives him the charm and keys Emi dropped when she left and tells him where she went so he can return it to her.

Mako and Yamamoto are about to have another at-home date, but Mako decides to speak up for herself and says she’d rather not sleep with him for a while. Yamamoto, of course, thinks it’s because she still likes Kisaki, since he saw them together before. Though Mako protests it’s not like that, Yamamoto decides to break up. Afraid of losing him, Mako says she won’t talk to Kisaki anymore and she’ll sleep with him, but Yamamoto doesn’t want to hear it. He only tells her he really liked her before leaving Mako alone in tears.

Emi finds Yu drinking alone in the office and gently probes to find out what’s got him so down. He tells her about the break-up with Hikari and though Emi tries to encourage him to not give up, Yu only lashes out at her. There’s nothing else he can do that wouldn’t end up hurting Hikari and besides, this is what Hikari wanted. Emi gets mad and says she only wanted Yu and Hikari to be happy, but she stops herself before she can give a reason, though we can guess it was so she could really give up on him. They sit in silence and continue drinking.

Takumi’s gone to the doctor per Misuzu’s request to get his sperm checked out and it turns out that he can’t have children. He goes to the hostess bar to meet Saki. He’s pretty drunk by the time Saki arrives and asks her to sleep with him. Saki wonders what’s wrong with him as Takumi asks if he’s not man enough for her. He finally breaks down and says that he can’t have kids. “I can’t fulfill Misuzu’s dream. I can’t do anything for her.” At home, Misuzu overdramatically drops Takumi’s couple cup.

Saki takes Takumi to their usual spot on the river. She reminds him of how he said watching the sunrise will help them forget all their troubles. She says they should just stay and watch the sun rise. They stay there until morning, with Saki waking up Takumi who fell asleep.

Saki: “I wanted to see this sunrise for a long time. When I couldn’t find a job. When I had to take care of my parents. When my father died. I’m glad I saw this with you.”

This is the first time Takumi’s heard about Saki’s dad being deceased. Saki was able to go to college because her mom and sister ran the cleaners. She says the pain of not being able to meet their expectations is a little like his pain in not being able to fulfill Misuzu’s expectations. She asks if it’s okay for them to keep seeing each other and Takumi agrees. As he sits back down next to her, Saki tentatively takes his hand and Takumi doesn’t pull away.

Takei goes to drop off Emi’s keys at the office only to find Emi and Yu asleep on the couch. Takei, looking like the saddest puppy ever, places the keys on a table and leaves without disturbing them.

Mako comes to work the next day receiving many unpleasant stares and Yamamoto is pointedly avoiding looking at her. She has a meeting with a representative from her dispatch company, who asks her to quit her job at the end of the month. Her reputation at the company has become bad since there are rumors that she’s having relationships with many guys at the company. That’s reason enough for her to be fired, so it will be better if she just leaves herself.

Emi goes to see Takei at his job to apologize for what happened yesterday, but Takei doesn’t need it. He knows that Emi likes Yu so he says they should break up.

Some thoughts:

I’m sad that there will be no more Takei, but it’s better for him and Emi to break up now than to keep dragging it out since Emi still hasn’t resolved her feelings. Now that Hikari and Takei are out though, I hope there will be more movement in Emi and Yu’s relationship, though I’m not holding my breath. Emi’s still afraid of getting hurt and can’t even be honest with herself, so she’ll probably keep putting herself in the good friend role until she realizes that she needs to tell Yu about how she feels in order to move forward.

I’m surprised that Mako lost her job because of Yamamoto’s craziness, but the sooner he’s out of the picture, the better because he really wasn’t doing anything for the show besides proving how naive Mako is. I wish Mako would  have more faith in herself; it’s frustrating to see her continuously entangled with guys like Kisaki and Yamamoto and not learn when she’s being looked down on or mistreated just because a guy is nice to her once. I’ve seen that there’s another guy on the horizon, so hopefully this guy’s better and i he isn’t, hopefully Mako doesn’t make the same mistakes again.

When I first watched this episode and saw Saki and Takumi get together because of the fact Takumi can’t have children, I was very pissed, just because it seemed like lazy writing. But when I think about it, it’s not like that at all. Takumi and Saki are both individuals that are struggling with what’s going on in their lives; Takumi can’t handle Misuzu’s demands, Saki can’t get a job, etc. Being together allows them to escape from all that and though Takumi knew where to draw the line with their relationship, it was always apparent that something might make him cross that line. The fact that he can’t have children was the breaking point for him; it wasn’t merely the fact that he couldn’t have children, but that fact added to all the other things Misuzu had asked of him just pushed him over the edge. He’s accepting Saki’s feelings now because it’s easier than working out all his problems with Misuzu. I don’t think he has romantic feelings towards Saki, though that may be just because the two actors lack chemistry, but they do have a kindred spirit connection which is why they find it so easy to be with one another. Both Saki and Takumi need to realize that this fantasy they’re living in can’t last and that they need to face their problems instead of running away from them.


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