Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu Episode 5

I’m guessing we’re at least halfway through at this point so it’s about time that something major happened, right? Well, sort of. There’s finally some background on Yu and Emi’s relationship, but otherwise the drama didn’t throw anything that we didn’t already see coming, though the logic behind some of these things leave me scratching my head.

The company is planning a barbecue and the guys ask Emi to bring her roommates and Takei. Emi’s surprised and embarrassed that they know about Takei since she didn’t tell them, but Hikari’s already told everyone about their double date so there’s no use in hiding it. Everyone’s curious about what kind of guy he is and even though Emi doesn’t seem to want to, she promises to invite him.

Mako bails on going to the barbecue for a date with Yamamoto, so Saki says she’ll go instead so she can check out Takei, Yu, and Misuzu’s husband (won’t that last one be interesting?). On the day of the barbecue, Emi gets the routine call from her mother, this time asking for a pearl necklace she needs for a class reunion. While looking for it, Emi stumbles upon another necklace that she looks at sentimentally before putting it away.

Takei comes to pick up Saki and Emi and Saki gives her approval of him and warns Emi to not let him get away.

Takumi isn’t at the barbecue when they arrive, giving us time before the big reveal. Everyone starts looking over Takei and praising how well he matches Emi, which Yu doesn’t look too happy about.

Over lunch, the conversation (naturally) turns to everybody’s relationship status.  Rumi starts complaining about how she was dumped after two weeks for no good reason. As she goes on about it, the atmosphere becomes weird for those that know about Emi and Yu’s past relationship. Takahashi tries to change the subject by suggesting they send someone to get more charcoal to add more things to the grill. They play rock-paper-scissors for it and unfortunately, Emi and Yu end up as the losers.

As Emi and Yu leave together, Hikari and Takei go watch the fire together. Takei says that Emi and Yu are very friendly and Hikari tells him about how they dated for two weeks. She assures him not to worry about it since it’s in the past, but Takei can’t help watching them leave.

Takumi finally shows up to the barbecue and he and Saki are shocked to see each other. They try to play it off and pretend this is their first meeting, though the uncomfortable atmosphere doesn’t escape Misuzu. Saki decides to leave before things can get any worse, saying she has to work. She gives Takumi a card to the hostess bar before she leaves in front of Misuzu (!), saying she’ll give him a free drink.

Yu and Emi are heading back with the charcoal, keeping up their usual banter. A fight starts when Yu offhandedly remarks that if Emi keeps on being so unladylike then Takei won’t like her after two weeks. Emi asks if that’s why he broke up with her. Yu says it’s not that he didn’t like her and that she was the one that rejected him. That confuses Emi (and me) and Emi says he was the one that said they should just be friends. Yu stands by what he said and just when I’m wondering if this is going to be a case of “he said, she said,” he concedes that Emi’s right. So, why did he break up with her?

Yu: “I know that wasn’t the right thing to say. But you wouldn’t hold my hand. You’d laugh when I’d try to kiss you. You never even said that you loved me.”

Emi: “Of course I can’t say that to your face!”

Yu: “And the present! You never wore the necklace I got for you.”

Emi: “That’s because…I was embarassed.”

Emi wonders if maybe she had been more aware of Yu’s feelings and more honest with herself, would things have turned out differently. Yu says there’s no point now since they’re already at this stage and he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

The two start to head back when Yu gets a call from Hikari. Her father’s collapsed so they rush back to the camp so Yu can take her to the hospital. Emi watches them leave together sadly.

In the cafe, the woman types: “Two people who are attracted to each other. Two people who happen to meet.”

Saki sleeps with the fake author guy again when he promises to introduce her to some publishers. She looks rather dejected the morning after, her proposal sitting on a nearby table, untouched.

At the Shiraishi house, Misuzu gets out of bed, looking unsettled, while Takumi lies in bed with his back to her, pretending to be asleep.

Takumi apologizes to Misuzu for last night when he gets up. I guess the romantic evening they had planned went badly when they got to the bedroom. Misuzu only puts on a smile and says he doesn’t need to apologize, it will only make her feel bad. She shows him Saki’s pen and asks where he got it. Takumi lies easily, saying he borrowed it from someone at work. That’s a pretty lousy lie, since she works with everyone you work with so she knows you didn’t get it from someone at work, but Takumi asserts that he borrowed it from Emi. Something like that? From Emi? Your lies are so weak Takumi. Misuzu’s still suspicious, but doesn’t say anything further.

Emi meets Saki when she comes home and asks what happened to make her leave so suddenly, especially since she was so eager to meet Takumi. Saki keeps up the lie about having to work and says Takumi was average anyway, so there was no need to stick around.

Yamamoto and Mako are eating lunch and Yamamoto asks why she didn’t reply to his message right away. Mako apologizes and says she was in a meeting. Yamamoto presses the question though, wondering if she was really with Kisaki, but Mako denies it, saying she’s over Kisaki. Yamamoto apologizes for being so overbearing, it’s just that he can’t help being so worried when someone doesn’t reply quickly to his texts. Mako apologizes again (why?) and Yamamoto asks that she always reply quickly to his messages and Mako agrees (again, why?). He invites her to spend the night at his house again, and even though Mako happily agrees, her face falls when he turns away. Oh Mako, the warning signs that this guy is no good, why are you ignoring them?

Misuzu’s looking up pregnancy stuff when Hikari and Emi come in. Hikari needs a day off so she can bring Yu to meet her dad. As she leaves, Misuzu comments on how her and Yu are becoming more like a couple which leads into another discussion about relationships. Basically Misuzu says it’s all about timing and it’s important to do something when you have the chance. If you don’t, then that moment is gone. Emi asks if that’s happened to her. This surprises Misuzu, but she says she has regrets. There are people she wanted to get to know better, but didn’t have time to. She warns Emi to be careful to not do the same, since they are alike.

Before Emi leaves, Misuzu asks if Saki and Takumi have met before. The barbecue was their first meeting as far as Emi knows, but Misuzu doesn’t seem any more reassured.

Takumi heads to the hostess bar to meet Saki. She sees him come in and abandons the author guy to talk with him. Saki had mentioned the guy last time they met, so Takumi starts asking about him, like if he really works at a publishing company or if Saki even has his business card. Saki says it doesn’t matter and tells him that she slept with author guy. That only riles Takumi up, but Saki says he doesn’t need to worry about her. He’s not her father or her boyfriend, so what right does he have to lecture her or worry about her? Can he get her connections at a publishing company? If not, she says rather bitterly, then he just needs to stay out it; she doesn’t need his help.

Instead of Takumi just taking those words and leaving, he goes over to talk to fake author guy. He introduces himself as someone that also works at a publishing company and asks which company he works at. They should get acquainted right, since they’re in the same business. That corners fake author guy, who gets angry and decides to leave. That freaks Saki out and she asks about being introduced to his company, but fake author dude finally admits that it was all a lie so he could sleep with an easy girl like her. That comment earns a nice punch from Takumi.

Cut to Saki and Takumi at the park with Saki treating his bruises. Turns out Takumi can’t fight at all and got beat up. Hahaha. Takumi asks why she works as a hostess. Saki’s beeen lying to her family about having found a good job, so she needs the money to keep up the facade and to keep her family’s cleaners open. Takumi gives her a pitying look, but Saki says there’s no need. Takumi says it’s even more important for her to take care of herself then and Saki thanks him for standing up for her.

Mako and Emi are drinking when Mako says that she doesn’t enjoy having sex. Wait, I am watching a dorama right? Are we really talking about this in a dorama? Emi seems to be thinking the same thing as she spits her beer everywhere and asks Mako if she’s drunk.

Mako thinks it’s strange that she doesn’t enjoy sex and asks Emi what kind of feeling she has during sex. Emi, who’s totally flustered, says it’s been too long since she done the deed, so she can’t offer any helpful advice. Still, Emi says it’s something that’s hard to understand quickly and will take time getting used to as she settles into the relationship. Mako says she’ll just work harder and asks what’s going on between her and Takei. Emi wonders that too.

Meanwhile, Takei is in his room, using his kendo mask as a stand-in for Emi while practicing how to ask  Emi to be his girlfriend. So cute. His little sister walks in to tell him the bath free, and he quickly grabs the mask so she won’t see what he’s up to. She walks back in though, suspicious of how he’s acting and asks if there’s a girl he likes. She tells him not be shy and just tell her he wants to date straightforwardly. Seriously, is this not the guy for Emi? He’s so awesome, why doesn’t she love him?

Just to crush my Emi-Takei loveline, Emi’s trying to unravel the knotted chain on the necklace Yu had given her.  “You can’t fix it, it’s too late, love Takei now!” is what I want to shout at her, but I already know it’s futile. She gets a text from Takei, asking if she’s free tomorrow.

The next day is finally when Yu’s going to meet Hikari’s dad and it seems that it’s finally sinking in for Emi that Yu is getting married. Emi heads off to meet Takei while Yu goes to meet Hikari’s dad.

The woman types in the cafe: “When two people who are attracted to each other happen to brush by, please take the time to turn around. If you can still see his back, be honest with yourself and reach for it. Before it’s too late.”

Yu arrives at the hospital, bearing flowers and wearing a blazer, obviously nervous. Dad seems nice, but not too impresssed and asks Hikari to leave so he can speak to Yu alone. Hikari’s dad says that he can’t accept Hikari and Yu’s marriage because there’s no way Yu could make Hikari happy. Umm, are you sure that there’s no way she would be happy with him or there’s no way you would be happy with a son-in-law who’s not a doctor? Case in point, Hikari’s dad has already lined up an omiai for Hikari with another doctor. He asks for Yu to give up on the marriage. You know, for Hikari’s happiness. Whatever.

When Yu leaves Hikari’s dad’s room, Hikari’s waiting to ask how it went. Yu, unable to break the news to her, only says he’s going home. As he leaves, he has one of those, “this is important” passes with a doctor. He knows Hikari so I guess this is the guy Dad’s trying to match her with.

Takei and Emi meet up on a mountain. Takei, completely nervous, babbles for a while about mountains, autumn skies, and his sister before finally getting to the reason he called her out. He really likes her and wants to go out with her. After seriously considering for a moment, Emi gives an answer.

Emi: “I’m not a sensitive girl. I’m not honest. That’s who I am, but, is that ok with you?”

Takei: “So…you accept?”

Emi nods making Takei break out into the cutest smile ever and shout, “All right!” Are we really not putting them together? Really?

When Emi goes home, she looks at the necklace Yu gave her, her eyes bright before putting it in a box and closing it.

Some Thoughts: I was frustrated with the Saki and the fake author storyline when it was first presented, only because Saki hasn’t been portrayed as that naive. Saki knows what kind of guys she works with; they’ll say anything to get in your pants. It just felt like they were going against her character by making her fall for a guy’s lies like that so easily. It just doesn’t make sense. In the end, it was just a lousy plot device to make sure she and Takumi had more interaction.

Finally, Yu and Emi’s breakup is explained! This is probably the only thing I really liked about this episode. Yu’s reasons for breaking up with Emi are valid, though maybe he should have told her how he was feeling instead of just breaking it off. How is she going to know if he didn’t say anything? It just boils down to poor communication between them and that’s why they didn’t work out.

Emi’s obliviousness (or maybe indifference) to Yu’s feelings helped me see how she’s like Misuzu. Both are not very perceptive of other’s feelings which makes it a burden for their partners to match them. Hopefully both soon realize that you can’t keep taking from the other person in a relationship and one needs to give a little back in order to stay together.


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