Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu Episode 4

Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu Episode 4

Just cause I thought this was really pretty

This episode is all about healing and moving on. The girls finally seem to be moving out of the love desert as the new guys start to make their moves. Of course, new love means new problems, but I’m just happy that we’re not plodding through the same conflicts anymore.

Emi and Saki come home just as Mako is confronting Momoko about meeting with Kisaki. Momoko doesn’t see the big deal, since Mako said that Kisaki is only her friend, which Mako can’t argue with. Momoko lets slip that they went to a hotel together, further bringing down Mako’s mood. She sleeps on the couch after throwing away the yogurt she bought for Momoko and the girls say to call them if she needs anything.

The next morning, Momoko’s gone and Mako’s still in a bad mood. Saki tells her the best way to get over the pain of a lost love is to find a new one. Mako notices the paint peeling off one of the beams on the porch, calling it a wound. She wonders if there will be a day when wounds are completely healed.

In the library, the woman types the question, “How do you heal the pain of lost love?”

Meanwhile, Emi gets a call from Takei, the Random Tall Guy from the Halloween party. He’s so adorably excited when he gets to talk to Emi. He asks her to dinner but Emi refuses. Saki asks why she didn’t go and Emi says it was too sudden and she already had something planned. Saki scoffs at that, saying all Emi ever does is come home and drink beer. Which she’s doing now. Ha.

Emi says she barely knows the guy, but Saki thinks it will be good for her to start a new relationship. Emi still protests, saying she doesn’t even know how to start a new relationship anymore.

On Emi’s day off, Saki chides Emi for refusing the date with Takei, since she’s just sitting around doing nothing. She demands that she text Takei now and ends up taking the phone and sending the message herself when Emi can’t think of anything to say.

Emi notices that Saki is unusually determined for her relationship with Takei to go well and asks if something happened. Saki deflects, saying Emi doesn’t need to worry about what’s going on with her and leaves, but she’s obviously still down because of Takumi and the lack of progress in her job search.

Yamamoto, Mako’s co-worker who has been inviting her out often, asks Mako if she likes Kisaki. He thinks she should give up on him, since he plays around with women a lot. Mako says she doesn’t like Kisaki anymore, but her tone is unconvincing and Yamamoto clearly doesn’t believe her.

The guys and Emi are eating some apples and they start talking about the scars on the apples and how the scars represent the wounds that the apples have worked to heal. Apparently, apples taste sweeter when they have worked to repair their wounds because they’ve gathered more energy.

Takei calls up Emi to thank her for the text message and he asks her out again and this time Emi accepts. The girls hope that the date will be successful and Saki remarks that since it’s Emi, not even their prayers can save her and that they’ll need to strategize so the date can go well. She has so little faith in her.

Emi protests that it’s not a date. She starts talking about how love is troublesome and that she’s not really suited to love and relationships anyway. “If I have to force myself to like someone, and ultimately end up getting hurt, isn’t it better to not do anything?” Saki says a new love is exactly what will help get over the hurt of the last love. Saki: “If you’re always picking at the old wound, how is anything ever going to change?” Saki says she might as well go see him first before deciding anything.

Saki starts planning out the date, making Emi tell her where they’re going. When she finds out they’re going to a park, she tells her that she definitely can’t go boat-rowing with him. She says it’s too dangerous for first-date couples, since if they run out of things to talk about, there’s no where to run. If Emi does end up on a boat, she should make herself seem happy. Emi doesn’t think she can do that, not being the type to act like that. If they run out of things to say, Saki says she’ll have to use the “last resort” line and makes the girls raise their hands to give an answer.

Emi: “*Girly laugh* The weather’s nice.” Wrong. Mako: “What are your hobbies?” Saki: This isn’t an omiai! You two completely don’t know anything!” LOL. So, what’s the correct answer? “I’m so hungry.” The girls are skeptical, but Saki explains that eating will help loosen up the atmosphere. Saki says that Emi getting asked on a date is a miracle in itself and they toast to its success.

So Emi and Takei go on their date and of course they end up going boat-rowing. The atmosphere is definitely awkward, especially when they pass a couple who’s flirting while the boyfriend rocks the boat. Emi gapes at them and Takei asks if he should rock the boat too (again, in that serious tone that just cracks me up), but Emi says its fine like this. Emi then suggests that they should switch, but Takei says it’s fine. He just wants her to enjoy the ride.

After the ride, Emi decides to use Saki’s tactic and suggests they go eat somewhere. Takei takes her to a donut place where they run into Hikari and Yu. Emi’s embarrassed, but Hikari’s excited to see that Emi’s on a date and suggests that they all eat together.

Misuzu and Takumi are house-hunting since Takumi has decided to consider getting a house, now that he’s feeling guilty for sneaking around with Saki. They see a family while looking around and Misuzu says that she wants to have happiness like that family. She apologizes to Takumi for being selfish, since Takumi wanted this kind of life ten years ago. Takumi says she doesn’t need to worry about it and they hold hands as they go to look at the next house.

Mako turns down another date with Yamamoto to go meet with Kisaki who calls her out unexpectedly. Turns out that he just doesn’t want her to tell Momoko about any of the things that have been going on between them and to make sure she knows nothing will happen between them in the future.

Now on their double-date, Takei asks Emi what she wants to drink and he suggests a cocktail that’s popular among girls. Yu says that’s not like her, since she always drinks beer, but Emi orders the cocktail anyway.

Takei starts talking about how he and Emi met and how seeing her standing away from the party made him think she was “modest and humble.” That only makes Yu laugh, saying none of the people that know Emi would use “modest and humble” to describe her, or more accurately, none of them would be able to see Emi as a woman. No one even calls her by her first name; she’s always called Fujii, without even the title of Miss. Takei says that just means Emi’s generous and accepting of people calling her by her last name, but Yu says that Emi is just seen as another guy. Hikari settles the argument by saying it doesn’t matter since Takei approves of Emi as a woman. Takei agrees while Yu just eats his food. Heh.

Saki and Misuzu run into each other while shopping and end up eating together. Since Misuzu is an apparently successful and married woman, Saki starts confiding about her relationship problems. Though Saki says Takumi was dorky, Misuzu can tell that she really liked him, since she talks of him fondly. Saki says she really wants to meet Misuzu’s husband, thinking he must be a great person to be married to Misuzu.

Mako’s heading home, sad after being rejected by Kisaki again when she runs into Yamamoto, who’s been waiting at the amusement park all day, even after she said she wasn’t coming. He notices she’s sad and asks if it’s about Kisaki. He says if it were him, he’d never make Mako unhappy. Mako says it’s fine and that she’ll forget Kisaki. Yamamoto approaches her slowly and kisses her.

Hikari and Emi lag behind the guys and Hikari says that Takei is a nice guy. Emi wonders if Hikari’s problems with her family have been sorted out, and Hikari says she’s already talked to her mother about no longer going on omiais. Hikari says she’ll cheer on Emi’s relationship with Takei in return for making her worry about her.

Takei and Yu have stopped up ahead because they see two guys in a fight. Once it starts getting serious, Takei decides to step in, since he’s a police officer. He handles both guys quite easily and so you can imagine how amazing Takei is, here’s everyone’s faces as they watch him fight.

Yeah, don’t get on Takei’s bad side.

Momoko’s waiting outside when Saki comes home. She invites her in, but Momoko says it’s fine, since her sister wouldn’t like her being there. Saki says it must be hard being a younger sister to an older sister that’s always being praised. Since the two are always compared, people always tell the younger sister to try harder. Even if you try though, you don’t know where to start. In the end though, your family is always going to be the ones with you. Saki: “Don’t let those feelings fall to ruin. Ever.”

Momoko gives Saki a yogurt cup, saying that whenever she and Mako drink too much, they always want to eat yogurt. Saki understands and says she’ll give it to her.

Takei and Emi separate from Yu and Hikari and for once, it’s not Emi watching Yu leave, but Yu watching Emi leave.

Takei drops off Emi and they talk about how they both had a good time. Actually, Takei was so nervous the whole time that the date tired him out. Heh, he’s so cute. He asks if he can see her again and Emi says sure. Before she goes in, he calls out to her ‘Emi-san.’ All nervous as she turns around, he asks if it’s okay for him to call her by her first name. A little shocked, Emi says go ahead, and now he’s all happy and he says goodnight, calling her Emi again.

As soon as Emi comes inside, Saki starts grilling Emi about how her date went. Emi: “Somehow…I got treated like a girl.” Saki’s thrilled that someone out there sees Emi as a girl, but it makes Emi nervous. She doesn’t think she can live up to his expectations. Saki says she should treat Takei well, since a guy that can treat Emi like a woman is rare. Emi agrees, but she still feels uneasy about starting a relationship with him. Saki: “Isn’t the beginning of every relationship kind of like this? Then you’ll slowly begin to fall in love, I’m sure.”

Mako comes home the next morning and Emi and Saki want to know what she was up to all night that kept her from coming home. Mako, in a rather flat voice, says she’s no longer a virgin. Saki and Emi look surprised and Saki asks the important questions, when and with who. Mako: “Yesterday. Someone new. The person I’m now in love with.”

Mako’s disappointed with losing her virginity. “So…that’s all there was to it? The thing I’ve always treasured…only amounted to this much? Just like that, is it really okay?” Mako says she wants to eat yogurt and Saki takes out the yogurt Momoko brought over, saying that she was worried about Mako.

Emi suggests they repaint themselves and the next thing you know the girls are repainting the patio. They finish and admire their handiwork, commenting on how the wound where the paint was peeling has completely healed. They eat some apples after fooling around with the paint for a little while and Saki comments on the scars. Emi says the scars give the apple more character and how even the apple is working hard to heal its wounds.

A list pops up talking about how to get over a painful love.

-Start a new love

-Find something to dream about

-Talk with your girlfriends

Mix together and take as needed

“But believing that things will get better, is probably the best medicine.”

At work, Mako gets a text message from Yamamoto after she talked with Kisaki. He asks if she was just talking with him and says he doesn’t think she should talk with him anymore. Okaaay. Mako apologizes and tells him that it was just about work.

Saki goes out with some “author” guy she met last time at the club and asks if he’ll take a look at the proposal she’s been working on. He grabs her around the waist and says that will depend on her performance today. Saki gives an uneasy laugh as he starts getting handsy, but she doesn’t push him away. C’mon Saki, you’re better than that!

At work, Emi and Yu start talking about Takei and Yu asks if they are dating. Emi denies it, saying it’s still too early for that. The look on his face makes Emi tease him about being jealous, but he shrugs it off, saying there’s no way he would be. Yes, that is definitely why you were pointing out all of her bad points in front of Takei and watching her the whole time she was left with him. Totally not jealous.

He asks if she likes Takei and Emi wants to know why he’s asking. He pauses awkwardly before saying that he just thinks it will be good if she likes him.

Some thoughts:

Besides the constant hammering in of this episode’s theme (apple scars, paint “wounds,” I get it, the girls have been hurt by love) I really enjoyed this episode.

I’m sad that Takei and Emi aren’t going to work because they’re so cute. Awkward, but cute. Besides the fact that Emi and Takei’s date was entertaining, it was interesting to see Emi actually making an effort to start a new relationship, especially since she’s always so apathetic towards them. Also, Takei’s appearance seems to have finally started stirring up old feelings in Yu, so yay for a leetle bit of progress on that front. We already had Mako’s going nowhere one-sided love bringing down the story, I don’t think I could take another one.

Speaking of Mako, can this girl catch a break? As soon as it seems her love life might be getting better with Yamamoto being the nicest guy ever, he sends that weird text message at the end. Seeing how Mako kept trying to change for Kisaki because she liked him so much, she’s probably about to put up with this crap until she cracks or hopefully the girls knock some sense into her. *Sigh* And I was so excited for Hiraoka Yuta to be a cool lead guy in a drama for once.


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