Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu Episode 3

Love wasn't easy for Cinderella either

The girls still aren’t faring too well in the love game this episode and it definitely seems like the end for all of these love lines, which doesn’t bother me since none of these guys seem to fit any of them anyway. Well, except for Yu and Emi, but I’m starting to wonder if even they’ll end up together.


            We pick up where we left off last episode with Emi seeing Hikari on an omiai. She heads back to the office where the guys are carving pumpkins for the upcoming Halloween event Yu’s planning and thinks about telling Yu about it, but decides against it.

            Misuzu is thinking about having a baby, which is why she’s been pressing so much for moving into a house. Takumi is surprised since she never wanted kids before. He’s upset, unable to understand why she wants kids and a house all of a sudden and he runs away again before they can talk anymore. He listens to a message Saki left him about how she passed the written part of her job interview and now only has the final round left. Meanwhile, Saki visits her mom and sister, happy about passing to the final round of the interview.

            Yu and Emi meet up to go collect pumpkins from Yu’s uncle’s pumpkin patch for the Halloween event and of course, they’re matching.  Even Yu’s uncle thinks that Emi’s Yu’s girlfriend, since Yu was supposed to bring Hikari to meet him.  This prompts Emi to ask how things are going between the two. Has Yu met Hikari’s parents yet, like Hikari was pressing him to do? Yu still hasn’t; he doesn’t think he’ll get her dad’s approval since he’s a doctor and Yu’s only a stage lighter.

            When Yu and Emi get back to the office and are getting ready to go home, Hikari shows up to talk to Yu. Emi hides so as not to interrupt (and to eavesdrop). Hikari asks Yu if he really wants to marry her and if he does, why does their engagement have to be a secret from everyone and why won’t he meet her parents? I’m with Hikari on this, why so secretive, Yu? Yu’s unable to give her an answer, which just makes her even more upset and she leaves. Yu’s about to follow her until he sees Emi hiding. She also asks why Yu’s dragging his feet with the marriage. She tells him to stop being such a wimp and tell everyone.

            Mako still hasn’t given up on Kisaki (ugh) and is trying to become less serious by using tips from a magazine. One of them is to become friends with guys who aren’t your target. When one of her male co-workers asks to have lunch with her, she accepts, hoping Kisaki is watching, but he goes to eat lunch with some other people without even looking her way.

            The guys, Emi, Hikari, and Rumi (annoying gossip girl that also works at Misuzu’s company), go out to eat lunch together. Rumi brings up Misuzu and Takumi and how they don’t seem married at all, since they always speak formally and never wear their wedding rings. Tamu says that marriage is serious since you’ll spend the rest of your life with that person, but that makes Rumi even more skeptical of the relationship between Misuzu and Takumi, since they don’t seem to take their marriage seriously at all. Emi disagrees, saying the two have the perfect married life, but Tamu says there’s no such thing. He only liked his wedding ring for a few months before feeling like it restricted him. Rumi thinks omiais are the best way to get married and asks Yu’s opinion, catching Hikari’s and Emi’s attention. Yu takes the opportunity to announce his and Hikari’s engagement. Hikari cries, happy that Yu finally decided to tell everyone while Emi holds back tears.

            Saki calls up Takumi, wanting to hang out together. He’s getting ready to meet her at their usual bus stop, but Misuzu wants to talk again about the house and kids. Takumi brushes her off, saying he has work and that they should talk later. Work my ass.

            Since Takumi’s busy, Misuzu decides to go see Emi’s house. Meanwhile, Saki and Takumi go out to play table tennis. Mako, Misuzu, and Emi eat dinner together and Mako and Emi inquire about how she and Takumi met. At the first event Misuzu planned, Takumi was working as a part-time stage lighter. They kept running into each other after that and their relationship moved from there. Mako says they were fated, but Misuzu thinks it’s simpler than that. “We were on the same wavelength, so it was fun being together.” She thinks it’s different for people Mako and Emi’s age now though, love and marriage are different things.

            Mako says falling in love normally is still the best way, but Emi thinks it’s still hard to meet someone. Misuzu asks if she’s actually put forth the effort in meeting someone and uses Cinderella as an example. She says the most important thing men are attracted to is movement, but Cinderella was too worried about the time to attract the prince. That’s why her stepsisters were able to snatch the prince’s attention away. The morale? If you don’t do anything, you won’t meet anyone, and you won’t fall in love. She points to the pumpkin and says “You’ll be like the pumpkin. You’ll fall into the field and be like Cinderella.”

            Takumi drops Saki off right as Misuzu is leaving, but Takumi and Misuzu barely miss seeing each other. Darn it; please don’t drag out this triangle too long, I don’t think I could take it.

            At work, Yu thanks Emi for encouraging him to tell everyone about his engagement, saying he couldn’t have done so otherwise. Emi runs into Hikari during her break later and Hikari suggests they eat together. Emi decides to confront Hikari about the omiai. Hikari explains that her dad’s been sick and their family is unsure of how the practice will continue. Her family wanted her to meet with a doctor that could take over their father’s business and with Yu acting so secretive about their engagement, she really didn’t know what to do. It’s different now though, since Yu has told everyone. She’s told her family that she won’t go on anymore marriage dates and she is certain she’ll marry Yu. Well, if Emi still had any hope of getting back with Yu, that declaration certainly crushed it.

            After pulling off the Halloween event successfully, Emi goes to do her custom fist-bump with Yu, but he’s celebrating below with Hikari, so she fist-bumps with the balcony rail. Aw, that’s sad. Tamu takes over for her, letting her wander about the party alone. She meets Random Tall Guy and they bond over how nervous they get at parties and around groups of people.

            Saki failed the last round of her job interview so she’s sulking by the river when Takumi shows up. They talk about what they wanted to be when they grew up; Takumi wanted to be a baseball player while Saki wanted to be a writer. He asks what she wants to do now. Saki, still glum, wants to see the sun rise. It’ll help her forget her troubles right? She says sometimes she wants to run away from everything. Takumi thinks maybe she should; people do things like that sometimes too. Saki leans over and kisses him, but Takumi pulls away, telling her he’s married. Woo, finally!

            Saki’s obviously shocked, but she tries to laugh it off, saying that they were just killing time anyway. She deletes his number, then takes his phone and deletes her number, saying this is the end. She tells him to go home, since it will definitely rain tomorrow.

            Momoko (Gouriki Ayame in her fourth drama this year, this girl’s busy!), Mako’s little sister, goes to meet Mako at her company, hoping she’ll feed her dinner, but Mako’s already gone. Determined to get a free meal, she runs into Kisaki who she saw last time she came to Mako’s workplace, and asks for his help. Next thing you know, Momoko’s calling Mako from a hotel room with Kisaki, asking to spend the night at her place again since their parents will be angry if she comes home late. When Mako is coming back from the store, she sees Momoko getting out of the taxi with Kisaki in it. She hides as the taxi drives away.

            As everyone’s cleaning up after the event, one of the employees hands Misuzu a pen Takumi left behind. It’s the pink rabbit  pen that Saki gave him in exchange for the pen he lent her when they first met. Misuzu looks at it curiously.

            Emi’s cleaning up when she finds the wallet of Random Tall Guy. She returns it to him just as the clock strikes twelve. She asks if he’ll make the last train and he jokes that he’s not Cinderella and he asks if she’ll be okay, and she says she’s not Cinderella either. Rather, she’s a pumpkin, since she has no glass slippers. He says it’s okay for her to be a pumpkin because he likes them.

            We cut away to the woman in the library. This time, she’s typing, “They say you don’t have the chance to meet that special someone, but maybe we just don’t notice that we do. As time goes on, then we realize it’s the start of love…”

            Back with Emi and Random Tall Guy, he says he likes pumpkins because they’re delicious. LOL, this guy says things so seriously, it cracks me up. Emi laughs as she realizes he wasn’t confessing and agrees with him.

            Some thoughts:

            So, I’m thrilled that Saki knows that Takumi’s married and broke it off without even hesitating. I’m surprised though that Takumi was shocked when Saki kissed him. Did he really not see where this relationship was going? Or I guess his problems with Misuzu still aren’t serious enough yet to make him want to jump ship. Anyway, I just hope this doesn’t discourage Saki from still trying to meet a nice guy and she doesn’t settle back into the way she was living before.

            At first I was sad that Hikari and Yu’s engagement problems were so easily resolved, pretty much stalling any possible development in Yu and Emi’s relationship, but then Random Tall Guy showed up. I love how awkward this guy is with Emi and I know it won’t be the last time we see him, so I can’t wait to see them interact more. I’m not jumping off the Yu/Emi ship yet, but they don’t have anything going on anyway, so I’m all for a new romance with Random Tall Guy.

            Mako is…boring. Not much went on with her besides her finding out Momoko’s meeting with Kisaki. I kind of just want to knock her head against something so she’ll realize that there are way better guys than Kisaki. Like, you know, the cute co-worker who always wants to eat with you. Go after him, he seems nice. If she keeps going after Kisaki, I’m probably just going to bang my head against a wall for the rest of the drama.

2 thoughts on “Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu Episode 3”

  1. Konnichiwa! I was googling “Watashi ga renai dekinai riyuu” when you I found your blog! I am currently watching this drama, too!
    I personally really like the Emi-Random Tall Guy pair (lol, his name is Takei as mentioned in the next episode)! I think they are so cute together. But I am biased since I like the tall actor, Koyanagi Yu. Looking forward to more of your posts ^^


    1. Yay, I’m glad you liked my post. Yeah, Takei and Emi’s awkward cuteness is totally winning me over, though I know there’s no chance for them. If only, if only…


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