Soredemo, Ikite Yuku Episode 1


            So, going into Soredemo, Ikite Yuku (Even so, we will live on) I thought it would be a sad, yet uplifting story about two families trying to overcome grief. Something mellow to contrast with the usual bout of rom-coms I watch, but nothing to write home about. After watching the first eight episodes though, I was surprised by how gripping it was and how much I felt for these characters. It hurts to watch sometimes, but in a good way. Still, the drama’s definitely not for everyone, so mentally prepare yourself before watching. Continue reading Soredemo, Ikite Yuku Episode 1

Zenkai Girl Episode 1

Summery, romantic Getsu9 dramas always manage to sucker me in. Always. Even if I don’t know about the drama beforehand I always end up watching it. So, I’m not surprised that I watched Zenkai Girl as much as I’m surprised that I liked it. A lot. The setup isn’t anything new, but the execution is interesting and the characters are fresh and likeable. Plus, there’s cute kids. And a Johnny’s boy. How could anyone resist that? Continue reading Zenkai Girl Episode 1

My Obsession (for now)

So, I’ve been watching Asian dramas (j-doramas, k-dramas, and to a lesser scale, tw-dramas) for about three years now. It’s reached the point that my family even jokes that I’m half-Asian. Anyway, in order to feel a little more like I’m actually doing something besides sitting in front of my computer screen and watching dramas mindlessly, I’ve decided to start recapping some of the dramas I’m watching. Also, it will help clean up my writing skills, which are admittedly rusty and in desperate need of some improvement. Will I keep up with it? Who knows, though the probability is low since I’m still in school and so time is limited. I also tend to move on to new obsessions without any warning, so I might lose interest and this is mostly a project (though it’s already been three years, so I doubt it). Besides dramas, I’ll probably blog about other things that interest me every once in a while.